The BC Universe: Identity Crisis

Back in June we celebrated our 2,000th Twitter follower. Today we are celebrating our 1,000th Facebook follower, having passed our 3,000th Twitter follower a couple of months back.

Together with the forum, which recently recruited its 1,000th registered member, our social network pages help to expand our daily reach, to more than 7,000 people (with plenty of crossover between the communities). Back in June, this figure was less than 5,000. Here is the cumulative audience for the BC universe:

Here's how these figures compared in the summer. And since Facebook loves to invade your privacy, here's what it can tell us about BC's readership:

Significantly more women than men, with the highest number from the 25-34 age bracket. More Americans than any other foreign nationality.


Tamsin said...

Are those whose language is "English (US)" real Americans or simply people who haven't altered the default settings on their microsoft computers?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they 'like' Broccoli

Anonymous said...

Eek! They're almost all younger than me, which is hardly a surprise. But 4% are sexless--not really in keeping with the BC image!

Simon Bollardivar said...

Check out the police compadre

Tamsin said...

My mother used to say that when you began to find that bishops all look younger than you, you get worried.

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