The Brockley Central Christmas Tree Appeal [UPDATED]

Lewisham Council's cutbacks mean that it could not afford to pay for a Christmas tree for Brockley this year. So the Brockley Cross Action Group stepped in and forked out the £65 it costs to buy one. They were putting it up on Brockley Common, by the station, when we walked past them this evening.

The tree has put a festive dent in their finances, so we said we'd put a button on Brockley Central, so that readers who wanted to make a contribution towards the tree can do so. Here it is [UPDATE: Button removed, since we've hit the target].

It would be great if we could raise the money to pay for the tree. If you can make a small donation, they would really appreciate it. Brockley Central will transfer all the money raised to them. We'll take it down when and if we hit the target. The tree will be lit during tomorrow's Christmas Market on Coulgate Street.

So if you appreciate the work of the BXAG or a nice Christmas tree, please give generously! If you hate Christmas, don't worry about it.

UPDATE: Thanks to some very generous BC readers we have less than a tenner to find to pay for the Christmas tree. Please give generously, it would be excellent to hit the target before the tree is lit tonight. Click on the PayPal button above.

UPDATE: You did it! Thanks, we hit the target. We won't reveal the names of the kind donors, who don't like to talk about their charity work, but when we see you in the street, we will give you an awestruck nod.


Lou Baker said...

How about another appeal to raise money to plant a 'Christmas' tree as well.

That way, next year, no one has to buy one - we have a lovely growing tree which will last many years to come.

And we could get some nice lights - solar battery powered if poss - to go with it.

Save us chopping one down every year so better for the environment and more cost effective in the long run too.

pine cone said...

That sounds like a good idea to me.

Lou's Cat said...

How about saving up for some proper cat fud. Tight wad.

Bahhh said...

Humbug !

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