Leaf Lettings completes Harefield Road

Yesterday, we were able to report that Mantle Road's shops are fully let. Today, we can say the same about Harefield Road.

Leaf Lettings is a South East London lettings agency, which has taken the final unit, next to the Orchard and Gruff. They say of themselves:

"Leaf Lettings has been created to provide a forward thinking, proffessional [sic] way to let property..."

With The Orchard and Fishy Business driving such great footfall to the area, it was perplexing that the unit stayed empty for so long. For years, we were told that an estate agent was sniffing around the site, which makes sense for such a tiny space. The arrival of leaf shows some sort of confidence in the local property market.


Anonymous said...

Did they really write "professional" with two f's?!

Anonymous said...

For F's sake !

Anonymous said...

Anothe bloody estate agent. Gutted, what a waste. Only marginally better than a vacant shop.

Anonymous said...

A letting agency...

Key charge,
Finders fee,
Inspection fee,
Contract preparation fee,
Credit reference check charge,
Inventory charge,
Percentage commission

More services that you any landlord or tenant ever really knew they needed.

Given that the space is tiny and has been empty for years, I guess there are few businesses other businesses would be interested in such a modest retail presence.

Leafydell said...

Having been in Harefield road now for over two months,I have been encouraged by the positive and friendly reception we have received.Firstly apologies for the "double f" debacle,suffice to say that the culprit has been flogged and sent on a 3 week Grammar and English language boot camp.
Hopefully they will come back suitably refreshed and educated.
Can I assure those of you that have a negative view of estate agents,that we are different !!.
Yeah,yeah a likely story I hear you cry !!
No its true,but i'm not going in to a long sales pitch, this is not the place and definitely not our style. Feel free to pop in and have a coffee and we will gladly explain our ethos and philosophy.How many estate agents have either of those ??You may feel differently when you leave.

Anonymous said...

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