Brockley: First Class

It’s already established that Brockley is a centre for dance, theatre, animation, comedy and music. But Brockley is also home to the greatest of all the art forms: comics.

Brockley has produced its answer to Maus (Badger), half of our Twitter followers describe themselves as illustrators and now, Kieron Gillen has moved to SE4. Gillen is currently writing a critically acclaimed run Uncanny X-Men for Marvel and has just told the story of a young Loki, also for the House of Ideas. You can listen to his iFanboy interview about the project here.

Awkwardly crow barring comic book references in to Brockley Central all these years has finally paid off. 


D said...

I've never had to Google so many words from one article before. Is it like the Beano at all?

Anonymous said...

But Nick the most important point is where in SE4 he has moved to....the upper echelons of L'area Conservation or the deep dark and down right gritty 'west side innt'? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey the upper west side (next to telegraph hill) isn't gritty!

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