Thank you from the Brockley Cross Action Group

Ahead of the Brockley Christmas Market, Brockley Central readers had a virtual whip round and very generously contributed approximately £70 to pay for the Brockley Christmas tree that BXAG had forked out for when Council cut backs meant that they could not pay for one. It was a fantastic response, with the target hit within 24 hours.

The Brockley tree, located next to the ramp at Brockley Station, is a little like Spinal Tap's Stonehenge, but it's cute nonetheless. Rupert from the BXAG writes:

"On behalf of the Brockley Cross Action Group I would like to thank Brockley Central and all of the Brockley residents who very generously made donations towards the cost of Brockley's Christmas tree!

"As you will know by now the Christmas tree that is traditionally supplied by Lewisham Council each year was the victim of local government cutbacks, which meant we also lost the Council fairy lights that go with the tree. BXAG felt that the tradition must be maintained so we stepped in and sourced a 12 foot free from a supplier in Sussex at a cost of £70, including transport. This was erected by BXAG volunteers up on Brockley Common in the week before the Brockley Xmas Market, at which the "Winter Fairy" officially turned on the lights for everyone to enjoy!

"Sadly we don't have a permanent electric supply so BXAG also bought some solar powered lights which are now providing a modest but decent lighting display during the festive period. We hope the tree is bringing some festive cheer to everyone who passes by!"

"Thank you again for your kind contributions - this year we really do have a community Christmas tree - Happy Christmas!"