Greenspaces: The Laban Centre

The Laban Centre, Creekside, SE8 3DZ

The Laban Centre's back garden consists of a series of irregular pyramids surrounding a small outdoor theatre, all wrapped in soft grass.

Lie back on the grassy steps as kids run between the valleys and trains trundle back and forth across the water that divides it from west Greenwich.


kolp said...

Top picture makes me think of Portmerion.

Transpontine said...

Great Tellytubby landscape, and nice to watch the river from round the back. Went there every Saturday for years until daughter decided she was too cool to perform modern dance moves to No Doubt's Hollaback Girl (I don't think you can ever get too old for that, but hey).

Did you try the cafe/is it still open? It's been through a few providers (including Dawn from Deptford Deli & now Big Red Bus)- nobody ever made a fortune selling food to dancers.

Insider said...

Café is definitely still open - no idea what the quality is like though, I've never tried their stuff.

pip said...

Trinity Laban just got beaten on University Challenge. Their first ever appearance. They got over 100, so quite respectable.

Anonymous said...

That's what Paxman said, although I think he was being a bit polite. However, just to get through to the televised rounds is a big thing, especially for a small college, and the studio environment is probably very daunting

Anonymous said...

As someone who as been to Portmerion several times I can confidentally say that it looks nothing like the top picture.

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