Uncovered Archive: Unlock the secrets of New Cross' past

Maj. Eaton: We have top men working on it now. 
Indiana: Who? 
Maj. Eaton: Top... men.
- Raiders of the Lost Ark

Lucia writes:

Uncovered Archive is a special event on Wednesday 18th July at New Cross Learning, 285-5 New Cross Road, London, looking at the secrets of New Cross Road and of the archives deep in the old library building's basement.

It will be a fun, magical evening, that promises to take you back in time.

It's organised by artists from Goldsmiths University with the Open Society Youth Initiative, Telegraph Hill Society and the Lewisham Local History Society.. The event is from 7.30-9.30pm and admission is free. 



Mike (Dartford) said...

I grew up on Telegraph Hill in the 1950s/early 60s. I'm trying to visualise where the 'old library', to which you refer, is located - I've never heard of it. Using Google Earth with the address you quote,it seems to be the building which is the old Deptford town hall - is this correct? Your article brought back memories of when, as a pupil at Edmund Waller primary school,we used to be taken each week to the (now defunct) New Cross library - this was situated on the North side of the Old Kent Road between Bryant Street and Besson Street. The building is still there, I note, but is now used for something else. The childrens' section was a rectangular room at the rear of the general library. I well remember the fights to be the first to get the returned 'Famous Five' books each week! Does anyone else remember this library?

MalB said...

This isn't really an old, old Library. The original two Carnegie funded New Cross-Deptford Libraries were in the New Cross Road north of its junction with Queens Road and Depford Library (the one you refer to), and one between Goldsmiths and Lewisham, College. Both of these were tragically sold off by Lewisham Council years back. There was also a branch library for a few years in the Telegraph Hill Centre building in Kitto Road - this survived for a bit a longer but also closed in the 1990s (I think).

I remember all three. The New Cross Library particularly which I used to love.

After these closed, the main library moved to a shop in the New Cross Road opposite the Town Hall. This is the library they refer to as "the old library" because the Council closed that too last year to save money - so the nearest Council-run library is now near Deptford Broadway.

MalB said...

Maybe I should also add that I shall be giving a talk at the Uncovered Archive event on the history of the area in the form of a virtual/pictorial walk along New Cross Road discussing, as far as time permits, the buildings and the people who lived there.

The New Cross Library features, not surprisingly.

Mike said...

MalB - thanks for your interesting reply. The upcoming event also sounds very interesting although, unfortunately, I will be in the west country next week and therefore unable to attend.

Re my original posting, New Cross library was, of course, on the south side of the road, not the north.

Tamsin said...

The room in celebration of Ken White is really coming together - worth a visit some other time even if you can't make it tomorrow. And it has the approval of his long-standing friends, which is reassuring.

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