Pimp Our Pavements

Pimp Your Pavement is a new initiative by the Guerrilla Gardener Richard Reynolds. Designed to encourage people to greenify their streets, it invites Londoners to submit their best examples of guerrilla gardening to a map of the capital.

We learned about the site when Richard - a sometime visitor to Brockley - tweeted about a bit of planting of ours he'd spotted. He's mapped it here, although technically, it's on Geoffrey Road, rather than Cranfield.

When this tree was planted, we passed by in the early evening with two packets of seeds and a bottle of water and spent precisely 45 seconds scooching the seeds in to the soil and watering them. A couple of months later, here they are. We plan to do a few more around Brockley Cross.

The cost of doing this was about two quid and we're delighted with the results - the sweet pea has grown a lot taller than we imagined and the small flowers (the name of which we have forgotten) smell great in the evening.

If you're into pavement pimping, please add your work to the site and / or email us your best examples and we will post them on BC.