Goldsmiths plans Big Society centre*

Goldsmiths is planning to establish a research centre that works with the voluntary and community sector.

It will be holding a community event on to discuss the feasibility of the project at the Albany Theatre, Deptford, on Thursday July 19th 2012 9.30am – 12.30pm. They say:

The idea for the centre has come out of the research we have been undertaking into the current concerns, issues and needs of the voluntary and community sector across South East London.

A key finding from the 70 plus community organisations contacted was the need for a research resource that supported the voluntary and community sector across South East London and beyond. To progress this idea further the aim of the event will be to bring together representatives from the voluntary and community sector in South East London and academic staff from Goldsmiths, to discuss this proposal further by sharing our ideas, for example, the aims and objectives of a research centre, and what support it might provide.

Suggestions from community organisations contacted have included:

- To provide research evidence to support funding applications
- To provide research training events
- To provide information and advice on undertaking research
- To help with evaluation and monitoring of services and contracts
- To help with community and user needs assessments
- To help with social impact assessments
- To provide low-cost, or no-cost research support by matching Goldsmiths student research projects to community organisations needs.

If you would like to attend, please email Maria Dumas, Research Administrator, (

*Remember the Big Society? It's amazing how fast that toxic phrase has disappeared from public discourse.