Standard: East London Line benefits "most apparent" in Brockley

The Evening Standard's Homes and Property section is pimping Brockley and Telegraph Hill again. In a feature this week, devoted to telling people priced out of more central London locations where to look next, Brockley and Telegraph Hill get several name checks with the paper referencing research which argues that:

There is a knock-on lower down the market too, with second-time buyers selling flats to purchase houses in up-and-coming areas such as Brockley.

It goes on:

Telegraph Hill, on the Brockley / New Cross border is a Victorian conservation area with two refurbished parks, a church, community centre, cafĂ© and a highly-rated secondary school… there are amazing views of London. Local estate agents’ claims that the area is undervalued ring true. Will appeal to City workers.

Brockley is the south London district where the benefits brought by the extension of the East London Line are the most apparent. Offers room for families.