465 folds

Cafe 465, the cafe that opened in May, replacing the ill-fated Come the Revolution, has closed. The unit is back on the market. One of the founders, Nicola, confirms:

We started on a shoestring and unfortunately didn't get enough custom to survive. But many thanks to everyone who did support us.

The particular spot they occupy on the high street is not very promising as a location for a cafe and punters may not have realised that the place had changed hands, especially as the People Before Profit estate agency still lives next door.

However, it´s a shame they didn´t give themselves a little more time to make a success of the place. It´s extremely unusual for any business to break even, let alone turn a profit in six weeks - most businesses take more than a year to become a success. They also seemed to give themselves a couple of major handicaps by limiting the opening hours to 10am-4pm and not embracing the marketing power of the internet more fully.

Good luck to the team in whatever they do next.