Police statement on UBR closures

In a statement issued this afternoon, concerning the forced closure of three businesses on Upper Brockley Road, the Met Police said:

Yesterday (17.07.12) a closure notice under Part 1A, Section 11A of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 was served in respect of three premises on Upper Brockley Road, SE4, namely The Honey Pot, Super Cuts and Gold Crest.

The notices were served by Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods Team who have been working closely with Lewisham Borough Crime Reduction Service.

There have been numerous complaints from the community about the levels of crime and the anti-social behaviour associated with these premises.

Acting on local intelligence Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods Team have been working hard to tackle these issues Today (18.07.12) officers attended Bromley Magistrates Court and made an application for a Closure Order for three months.

That hearing has now been adjourned until the 01.08.12 and the judge has ordered that the three premises are to remain closed until that hearing takes place The owners do have the right to appeal and now have 14 days to do so.

Police Sergeant Jon Biddle, Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods Team:

"We have acted following a deluge of complaints from the community over the high levels of anti social behaviour, in particular drug taking and dealing. The closure notice came about after collating many months worth of evidence. Whilst the prospect of closure for any business is a blow to the local economy, the law is there for a reason and we have acted following concerns raised."