The Shard show

Brockley residents will be able to watch the laser show, emanating from the top of the Shard, during its official opening ceremony tonight, starting at 10.15pm.

Variously described by the foaming commentariat as a spike through London's hearta slash across its face and a metaphor for everything that's rotten about somethingorother, the Shard looks like a stunning crystalline giant from Telegraph Hill and a shimmering little church spire from Hilly Fields. For a building that is supposedly unavoidable for anyone in London, its impact on our views is remarkably modest.
The Shard at sunset from Hilly Fields (the little pointy thing above the tree in the middle)

The Shard is also at the heart of regeneration around London Bridge, eventually plonking thousands more jobs directly on top of Brockley's most important transport hub (although the office space is still substantially unlet at the moment).