Silent Running in Deptford

Silent Running has for a long-time been BC's go-to source of quotes whenever we need to juzsh-up an  article about the environment. So we're delighted that it's coming to Deptford in a special screening. Paul explains:

The Vanishing Point in association with Scala Beyond presents an immersive screening of Silent Running (1972) in Deptford, London. 

Following an interactive screening of The Omen in an atmospheric church crypt (watch the footage here), The Vanishing Point are back with an immersive experience of eco-themed sci-fi classic Silent Running (1972) using the gallery spaces and rooftop of the Utrophia Gallery in Deptford, London on Saturday 15 September at 7.30pm.

This will be a fully interactive experience featuring the chance to meet and have photographs taken with the crew of The Valley Forge space freighter alongside musicians, immersive surprises, a blast-off bar and food stalls. Visitors are encouraged to bring a watering can and wear their finest tie-dye outfits in addition to cushions and blankets as they will be sitting on a rooftop during the launch of the ship.

This event is part of Scala Beyond- a six-week nationwide film season dedicated to all forms of cinema exhibition. Find out more at

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