Cllr Brooks calls for action against Skitching

This is an open letter from Cllr Duwayne Brooks about an issue that was recently highlighted on BC, albeit without giving it such a catchy label:

Dear Cabinet Member for Youth

I am writing to express my concern about the growing problem of “skitching” in parts of Lewisham. As you may be aware from my colleague, Cllr Phillip Peake’s question at the last full Council meeting, “Skitching” is the act of hitching onto a moving vehicle such as a bike, car or bus whilst on roller skates or using a skateboard and is proving a particular problem on some bus routes in Lewisham.

I am pleased that the Council has now said in response to Cllr Peake’s question that it will be looking into different ways of raising awareness of the dangers of ‘skitching’ amongst young people in Lewisham. However, I would urge you to ensure that any programme is launched before the summer holidays.

I am concerned that some young people in Lewisham that I have spoken with were not aware that skitching breaks the law and I know through my conversations with the local police and youth workers that this is a very real source of concern locally.

I am also particularly anxious to ensure that young people are made fully aware of the dangers of skateboarding and roller skating in moving traffic more generally particularly with the schools about to break up for the summer holidays.

Skitching is extremely dangerous and I am concerned that this growing trend will lead to serious accidents if not addressed as a priority. I am of course happy to help and assist in any way I can.