Brockley: Drink it in, it always goes down smooth

Those going to the Pop-Up Screens events in Hilly Fields tonight or tomorrow: We pity you. For you will never know the sense of camaraderie that comes from sitting in a field with 200 other people wrapped in ponchos and huddling under umbrellas to take shelter from the rain.

Last night, we went to the first of the three outdoor cinema events in Hilly Fields - a screening of Anchorman on the crest of the hill below the new cafe. The steady rain turned it from a night of sprawling on picnic blankets into an occasion when it paid to come prepared: Chairs and umbrellas were currency. The organisers dished out the ponchos.

We hunkered down with haloumi burgers, beer and mind-blowingly good popcorn from the London Kettle Popcorn company and soon the sound of rain on our umbrella became one with the soundtrack.

Hopefully, Pop Up Screens will become a regular part of the Brockley summer season.


Moi said...

I was there. I like the poetic description, but let's be honest - it only rained for about 10 minutes of the actual film. The timing was perfect, I would say. Just enough rain to bring out the best in us all.
I thought it was a brilliant night. And I'm guessing the turn-out was better than expected as the 'ponchos for everyone' promise was not fulfilled - there was none left for us. But it didn't matter.
For those going tonight and tomorrow, they specify on the website that you are not allowed to bring your own booze as there is a licensed bar. We stuck to the rules but they were being openly flouted elsewhere and the organisers clearly didn't mind. It was a really good chilled-out atmos. Could have done without the stand-up warm-up though, bless her.

TM said...

Shame Morden gets the Big Lebowski. I would have liked to watch that at Hilly Fileds especially with today's forecast..

Anonymous said...

Indeed, a classic film choice would have been better.

Anonymous said...

Whad'ya mean? Anchorman IS a classic.

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