Lewisham's population rises 8% in a decade

Agent Smith: You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability...
- The Matrix

The 2011 census results were released this week, with Lewisham recording an 8% population rise in a decade, taking the borough's head count from 254,300 to 275,900.

This growth was comparatively modest: boroughs like Tower Hamlets (26.4%), Newham (23.5%), Hackney (18.9%) and Greenwich (17.1%) grew at a much faster rate, obviously helped by major regeneration sites, like Greenwich Peninsula and the Isle of Dogs. On average, the capital grew by 12%. Kensington and Chelsea's population shrank, due to the number of homes that are owned by investors.

These figures contradict the arguments (sometimes made by commenters on these pages) that we don't need to build so many new homes in the borough or that Lewisham is building more than its fair share of new homes. The population is growing fast, but below average for the capital.

The good news is that London's growing density is breathing new life into once-desolate areas and creating the demand that will rejuvenate our high streets. Meanwhile, we all somehow manage to get along, with falling crime rates across the board.