One year trial for Shardeloes rehab centre

The drug treatment centre proposed for Shardeloes Road has been given planning permission to operate for one year, after which the operators will have to re-apply for their licence.

In Brockley Central's view, this is the best outcome. A centre is needed in the north of the borough and effective treatment is about reducing crime and other problems associated with addiction.

However, questions remain about the efficacy of this location, given its poor connections to Deptford (one of the areas it will serve), the residential nature of Shardeloes Road and the ongoing issue of drug dealing in the immediate vicinity.

The one-year trial will keep the operators on their toes and give them time to satisfy their patients and the community that they can effectively manage these challenges and operate responsibly.

Long-term, the issue is moot anyway. The owners of the site are determined to redevelop it within 3-5 years, so a new location will likely need to be sought soon enough. Both Darren Johnson (who supported the project) and the Brockley Cross Action Group (who opposed it) expressed their satisfaction at the decision, which suggests the committee got something right.