New Cross Learning: Big Summer book sale

Gill writes:

A big summer book sale will be held at New Cross Learning, the community-run learning space and library in New Cross Gate, South East London on Sunday 5 August.

The event will run from 2pm-5pm, with second-hand books at (almost) pre-war prices, with paperbacks from 20p and hardbacks from £1. There will also be tea, coffee and home-made cakes for sale. It’ll be a great opportunity to get some holiday reading and take a break from the Olympics. We have a superb stock of donated books for all tastes.

All of the proceeds will go towards keeping New Cross Learning, its library and other learning activities, open.


Anonymous said...

do they need any more donations?

Dex said...

Anon, I dropped in a load of books on Saturday and they are looking for more. The librarian said there's a roughly two-month turnaround on the stock for sale. They also want people to come and buy and I'm sure financial donations would be very welcome too.

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