Harts Lane Studios - United

People Before Profit are to local politics what The Polyphonic Spree are to music: eclectic, barking, noisy, fun and of course, boast a similar number of members.

Fresh from their adventures turning council homes into squats and estate agents into cafes, they have collaborated with local artists to create an art gallery in a garage in New Cross Gate, called The Harts Lane Studios.

The Studios are staging a show called United this Sunday, July 22nd:

Curated by Paul Tecklenberg, Harts Lane Studios will showcase works by eight London based artists: Tisna Westerhof, Tommy Seaward, Melissa Alley, David Redfern, Susan Haire, Fiammetta Alley, Mikey Georgeson and Paul Tecklenberg. The day will also feature music by local performer Nigel of Bermondsey who will perform psycho-geographical songs and stories from Bermondsey, Wapping, Rotherhithe, Walworth and South London.

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