Harts Lane Studios - United

People Before Profit are to local politics what The Polyphonic Spree are to music: eclectic, barking, noisy, fun and of course, boast a similar number of members.

Fresh from their adventures turning council homes into squats and estate agents into cafes, they have collaborated with local artists to create an art gallery in a garage in New Cross Gate, called The Harts Lane Studios.

The Studios are staging a show called United this Sunday, July 22nd:

Curated by Paul Tecklenberg, Harts Lane Studios will showcase works by eight London based artists: Tisna Westerhof, Tommy Seaward, Melissa Alley, David Redfern, Susan Haire, Fiammetta Alley, Mikey Georgeson and Paul Tecklenberg. The day will also feature music by local performer Nigel of Bermondsey who will perform psycho-geographical songs and stories from Bermondsey, Wapping, Rotherhithe, Walworth and South London.

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Anonymous said...

Oh god what next?
I salute you, Nick, for publicising this bs.
Freedom of speech and fairness etc..

Anonymous said...

That's obviously a clairvoyants comment, since you haven't seen it.

Anonymous said...

The talent in the Brockley area is vivid and palpable and simply cannot be kept down.

Where else could you find the spirit of social enterprise so febrile, that dereliction is seized upon and transformed into Art?

I predict that it won't be long before this group ends up in Brick Lane or maybe even Bethnal.

Anonymous said...

Crime in the Brockley area is insipid and unpalatable, and simply must be put down.

Where else could you find the willingness to commit theft of other people's property, so that it is squatted and defaced in the name of art.

I hope that it won't be long before this group ends up in Belmarsh or even The Scrubs

Person said...

Eh? The last two anons show what a dictionary and below average inteligence can result in. All the words were English, but did not quiet hang together to a satisfying whole. Ended up like a Ferrari kit car made with ford escort running gear.

Fatty said...

Pyscho-Geographic music....eh?

Brian said...

Not sure why people are being so snide about this. What's wrong with turning an ex garage into an art gallery? Might be a bit pretentious for some but you could say that of most art events. Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

@ Person
At least they can use a dictionary. For example they know the appropriate use of capitals, and managed to put the individual letters in the right order. Seems to me they have a reasonable grasp of English as a concept. Now, you were saying something about below average "inteligence".....

Anonymous said...

@ Brian
It's not an "ex" anything. It's a garage, and it doesn't belong to them. They broke in and occupied it.
They could use one of the many galleries springing up to, er, play and display, or whatever.
Ok, no-one died, or hurt any animals, but it's still theft.

Brian said...

No. It's a derelict garage. Closed and unused. It may reopen again but why not use it for something else in the meantime?

Anonymous said...

Bringing unused buildings back into use is very hip at the mo.

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