Bold Vision: Phase 2 Begins

James R. Lesko: We knew then, that we were being changed... and made part of their world. We didn't know for what purpose... but we knew, we would be told.

This Saturday on Telegraph Hill, Phase 2 of the Bold Vision project that created the Hill Station cafe and community centre on Kitto Road, gets underway. The team write:

We are having a big clear out as the first step in Phase 2 development (the next block of space behind the cafe for toilets and a professional kitchen).

From 11-1 we need willing arms to help us carry stuff out and sort it into the good the bad and the ugly.

Then from 12.30 onwards you can browse the magnificent offerings of furniture, crockery etc that have been donated to the cafe but don't quite fit in. Please don't be offended if you see your things on sale - we really do appreciate all offerings and if they also go to a good home and raise some funds for Bold Vision then we consider that an excellent outcome too.

That is followed at 6.30pm-8.30pm by a party. They say:

The Director of the
Nunhead and District Municipal Museum and Art Gallery invites
you to
the party to celebrate the closing of an exhibition by a local man. Champagne will not be served and the wearing of ball gowns will not be appropriate.

The Duchess of Nunhead and others will be performing on the night.
For your enjoyment, please bring a bottle.