The Lewisham midterms: Ladywell decides!

Ladywell goes to the polls tomorrow to choose a new Councillor, following the departure of Tim Shand.

Full details of the election are available here. Only five candidates are standing:

Helen Mercer, People Before Profit (she also serves as secretary of the Hilly Fields Users' Group)

The campaigners have been pretty active over the last few weeks, hopefully presenting more coherent arguments than Alvin Greene managed.

One issue that has become "confused" during the course of the campaign is status of the plans to improve Ladywell's streetscape. Some campaigners have left residents with the impression that this money has been secured. It has not. The Ladywell Village Improvement Group is certainly hopeful that the money will be forthcoming, but as yet, there is no commitment.

As reader Tony points out:

Mayor Bullock and the cabinet decided earlier this month to delay funding for Ladywell’s improvements until 2012-13 and 2013-14. Deputy mayor Cllr Alan Smith made clear at the Cabinet meeting that any funding commitments after 2011-12 were “purely aspirational” given central government spending cuts.

We'll shortly be starting a poll to ask you how you plan to vote, but what arguments and issues have been most important to you in deciding who to back?

UPDATE: Ken Livingstone will be campaigning for Labour in Ladywell from 6.20pm tonight. This follows Green MP Caroline Lucas being wheeled out for the Greens last week.