Vote Barriedale!

Kelly's been in touch, because she's nominated her street, Barriedale, on the north Brockley / New Cross border, to be turned in to a Christmassy wonderland, by Sainsbury's.

She's asking for help from BC readers to support her bid. Sainsbury's says:

Like the idea of seeing Barriedale transformed into a Christmassy winter wonderland complete with festive food and drink? Then vote by visiting the competition website.

Voting takes one click, so to help Kelly, click here.

[Full disclosure, in our day job, we do some work for Sainsbury's, though completely unrelated to this initiative]


Matt-Z said...

Voted. Barriedale is fairly christamssy as it is though. It's always got the most lights of any street in the area, there's some serious competition going on between the residents. I once met a man in the Rosemary Branch who told me that he took his kids for walks down Barriedale rather than buy his own tree!

Ed said...


Bad Santa said...

New Cross Road could do with a bit of Xmas razzmatazz

Blitzen said...

Why not let Sainsbury's pay for some of it Matt-Z.

Matt-Z said...

I agree Blitzen, which is why I voted for it and mentioned it at the top of my post.

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