Goldsmiths at centre of student protest controversy

Headmaster: It appears that someone has altered your copy of the timetable with red pen.
Cool teacher: That's right, I did it. To teach my class that any system that relies on a timetable is by definition crap. That's right I said 'crap' in front of the headmaster's 'Galen from Planet of the Apes' face. I expect I'll get in quite a lot of trouble for that later on."

Goldsmiths staff drafted the open letter from Academics in support of this week's student protests. Sky News reports:

The lecturers who wrote it, John Wadsworth, the president of Goldsmiths lecturers' union, and Des Freedman, a lecturer in communications studies, have now tried to clarify their points.

They said: "We do not condone the violence but we understand students' anger. We do not want students to be scapegoated.

"The violence in our statement refers to the impact of the cuts in both education and further education. If people read the statement they will understand why we felt it was necessary to support the tens of thousands of people on the demonstration."

Goldsmiths Warden Pat Loughry has moved to disassociate the College from the lecturers' actions, issuing a statement saying:

I would like to make it clear that the statement reported in the press, by local University and College Union members, in no way reflects the views of Goldsmiths, University of London. The College completely disassociates itself from those opinions.

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