The Plastic Crown and Sceptre [UPDATED]

Clothes maketh the man; and the less there is of the man, the more the need of the clothes.

The object, e’en were it achieved,
A thing we e’er had cared to keep;
With heart and soul to hold it cheap,
And then to go and try it again;

BrocSoc's Rob has been in touch again, regarding the Crown and Sceptre pub in St Johns. Last time we heard, the developers had ripped off the tiles. Now, they're being made to put them back, but they've replaced the window frames with uPVC (high-class developers, these guys).

Rob says:

Lewisham's planners, again, have taken a dim view on this, and are in communications with the developer to replace with windows that match the originals.

I thought you might like to see footage of the Crown & Sceptre, taken from the David Cronenburg film Spider, starring Ralph Fiennes.

UPDATE: Friend of BC Danja has also pointed out that in their application letter, dated 12th September 2010, the developers promised to replace window frames in timber in a traditional style.


Deptford Pudding said...

Does anyone know where the canal in the clip is?

Danja said...

See also this (docs finally up):

Anonymous said...

Can these guys read English.

Blue sky said...

It goes to show what little respect developers have for the Lewisham Council planning dept. They have seen too many times how the council has allowed people to flout the rules. Glad to see they're not getting away with it this time.

Robert said...

I think the problem may have arisen in this case due to the hands off nature of the works. The owner did not employ his architect to supervise post-planning and it seems he has left his contractors on site to their own devices. A tragic false economy, as it's now going to make a big dent in his margins.

John said...

aaaarrrrgggghhhhh...stop calling it St Johns! Nobody living there calls it St Johns anymore except people who don't want their friends knowing that they live in Deptford.

...cue comments about train station, ordnance survey maps etc.

Brockley Nick said...

Well it's Brockley as much as its Deptford. It's part of Brockley ward. But St Johns is a useful descriptor, for people who don't know the pub and might otherwise wonder where in the big wide worlds of Brockley or Deptford the place was.

Mr Murdoch said...

On a similar subject,there is an article in this months Brockley Society's news letter about Satellite Dishes and how the Council will make you remove them if you dont get planning permission.Makes you laugh doesn't it.

Headhunter said...

I'll believe it when I see it re the satellite dishes. Many council owned properties in the cons area are littered with satellite dishes. Many were taken down when buildings went through their obligatory upgrades by Regenter B3 but since then most have re appeared with some council owned buildings along Manor Ave with up to 4 dishes splattered on them.

I have to say I'm not surprised that this pub owner is completely disregarding planning rules. It's a regular occurence and he probably assumed he could get away with it. See for example the mock Palladian monstrosity that was being bolted to the front of La Lanterna in complete disregard of their planning application.

Mr Murdoch said...

HH I believe this doesn't only apply to Council properties,but hey nothing will be done,Lewisham Council are just full of hot air as usual.

StJohn Don said...

2 years on, still no tiles, still the crappy plastic windows. Does anyone know how to enforce planning rules on errant developers?

21five said...

At last, some sign of action. Lewisham Council has issued an enforcement notice, and the owner has appealed to the planning inspectorate. I've attached a letter from Lewisham Council with additional details on the relevant planning application and information on how to appeal. It appears to be missing some relevant information (specifically a copy of the entire enforcement notice), so I'll follow up with the council.

This appeal only relates to the tiles on the frontage (planning application DC/13/84485), not to the windows (there's a separate [retrospective?] planning application DC/13/85177 open for comment until 25 December 2013).

It's also interesting to see that three years on, and in the last two weeks, the developer has finally decided to whitewash the outside of the property (see picture below). Just in time for the planning inspectorate to visit in December/January. Sigh.

(There's also another thread over on alternativese4 covering the Crown & Sceptre:

21five said...

I've asked the council about satellite dishes in the St Johns Conservation Area, and unless there's prima facie evidence the dishes were installed within the past four years, they won't take action. Otherwise, they suggested they are out of scope of enforcement action ('deemed approved'?).

Sadly, the satellite dish installers (and their parent companies) are not held responsible for breaches of conservation areas, even if they know, or ought to have known, that satellite dishes are not permitted on visible frontages.

21five said...

[Also posted on alternativeSE4]

The appeals have just been determined by the Planning Inspectorate, and were allowed (look up appeals 2208344 and 2212994 on the PI website for the full decision).

In short, the tiles will be replaced, but the plastic-coated windows and panel doors will remain. The developer has one month to submit a plan to the council for approval of the replacement tiles and details of when they will be installed.

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