The Plastic Crown and Sceptre [UPDATED]

Clothes maketh the man; and the less there is of the man, the more the need of the clothes.

The object, e’en were it achieved,
A thing we e’er had cared to keep;
With heart and soul to hold it cheap,
And then to go and try it again;

BrocSoc's Rob has been in touch again, regarding the Crown and Sceptre pub in St Johns. Last time we heard, the developers had ripped off the tiles. Now, they're being made to put them back, but they've replaced the window frames with uPVC (high-class developers, these guys).

Rob says:

Lewisham's planners, again, have taken a dim view on this, and are in communications with the developer to replace with windows that match the originals.

I thought you might like to see footage of the Crown & Sceptre, taken from the David Cronenburg film Spider, starring Ralph Fiennes.

UPDATE: Friend of BC Danja has also pointed out that in their application letter, dated 12th September 2010, the developers promised to replace window frames in timber in a traditional style.