Crofton Park prepares for Olympic logjam

Stockpile Wenlock and Mandeville-branded waterbottles and emergency flares, Olympic gridlock is coming to Crofton Park... and the rest of Lewisham.

As tweeted by Brockley Kate earlier today, LOCOG has released maps, forecasting how regular journeys may be affected during the Games-time period. Lewisham has been flattered with its own map, which suggests users of Lewisham Station could have an additional 30 minute wait to board busy trains during peak times. Brockley, Crofton Park, Ladywell and St Johns commuters are all warned to brace themselves for 15 minute delays.

As 853 says, this seems like worst-case scenario planning. The Games take place during the summer holiday period, when trains are usually at their least full, and Lewisham isn't a host borough nor likely to be a major tourism hotspot in 2012 (unless Brockley Central seriously raises its game). However, we know it only takes one train to be cancelled for queues to build and it's better to under-promise and over-deliver.

[Full disclosure, LOCOG is a client in our day-job].