Portrait Booth

Gosh wants to invite you all to his launch party:

We are street artists based in Brockley, Crescent Way, specialised in creating stencil portraits. We are having a launch party for our first ever pop up shop in NW1 1JH, just of Euston Road, sponsored by Montana and Camden Council. We 'd like to invite all BC readers to come for a free dink at the private view/ launch party tomorrow at 18:00.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of Debbie Harry, were these the chaps behind the large picture of Courtney Love that graced the windows of the Tea Gaallery in the summer?

Stencil Portraits said...

Not us behind the Courtney Love painting. However we hope to be organising some shows in the Brockley area in the coming months. If you're in the Kings Cross area tonight we'd love you to pop in and enjoy a drink. We're just off the Euston Road, on Chalton Street.

Stencil Portraits

Anonymous said...

Can you fix the typos? (e.g. off Euston Rd where it reads 'of'; drink rather than 'dink').

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