Crofton Park Challenge

Civilization is sterilization

- Brave New World

Crofton Park: The historical heart of Brockley. Home to the Rivoli, the Brockley Jack, Mr Lawrence and Jam Circus and the most successful high street in the area.

But reviewing our coverage of Crofton Park, it is primarily a monotonous stream of stories about the fate of the library, the rotating occupancy of what is now Krizz Kutz and stuff we missed at the Rivoli, punctuated with the occasional initiative from Jam Circus or the Brockley Jack Theatre.

Crofton Park residents rarely email us with stories and even Google and Twitter draw a blank.

So it that all there is? Are CP residents so comfortable, with their neat streets and low crime rates, that they have nothing to say? What are we missing? Please tell us - fill the void.