Pop-Up Forest Hill

The Forest Hill Society have come up with a neat response to the number of empty shops on their main shopping streets - Pop-Up Forest Hill, an event on December 2nd, 6pm-9pm:

Local businesses including local pubs, cafes, real estate agents, barbers etc and owners of empty shop premises have been contacted to ask if they are interested in providing venues for activities (and running activities), like artist-led DIY Christmas card workshops, dance instruction, creative writing classes or simply hosting community speed-dating sessions or “would like to meet” community link sessions.

People will be provided with maps that they will use to navigate locations and times of activities. We are aiming for 40 activities over the night, spread across a minimum of 12 venues.

We will create a Christmas feel with some street decorations provided by council, window shop displays, local artwork, and by having activities like Christmas card and decoration-making sessions in clear view from the street. It is also hoped to have a Christmas Choir or two moving around and inviting people to sing along.

For more information, visit the event website.