Master Shipwright's Revelry - November 7, 2010

Date: Sunday, November 7, 4pm till late.
Venue: Master Shipwright's Palace, Watergate Street, Deptford, SE8 3LF

Brought to you by BBC Folk Club of the Year Magpies Nest and 21st century tradition bearers Kit & Cutter, Master Shipwright's Revelry aims to bring a new sense of magic and mystery to the flames and fireworks, on November 7.

Set in the historic Master Shipwright's Palace in Deptford, the evening's events (which take place in the private house's grounds, unique wooden theatre and ballrooms) begin at 4pm and include fireworks, a bonfire, storytelling, songs, dancing, food and drink.

With performances by artists from the esoteric end of modern folk and world music.

There'll also be a fire-lit ritual for a drowned sailor with full river burial procession, plus lectures on Guy Fawkes and London's river faring traditions.

The Master Shipwright's Palace was built in was built in 1708 and is the oldest upstanding building of London's forgotten Royal Naval Dockyard.

Tickets for Master Shipwright's Revelry are £15/£10 but anyone arriving by boat gets in free!

With thanks to Tim for sending.


Anonymous said...

Anyone got a boat ?

Tamsin said...

No, but if you find one I can row.

It sounds great fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm going - I bought a ticket, which now seems the less exciting option for making an entrance.

Tamsin said...

Alas, you are probably right. Blundering about in the dark on a river as powerfully tidal as the Thames is not a good idea! The one time I sailed out of the Ahoy Centre it was scary how fast the tide took you upstream.

max said...

The program does say that there will be a drowned sailor.

Anonymous said...

what a rip off.

Brockley Nick said...

Clearly not a boat owner.

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