Brockley Flickr Up, November 23rd

The Brockley Flickr Group, responsible for all the photos you see when you click on the Photos tab above, will be holding their next meeting on November 23rd.

Tim says:

We will meet at The Orchard at 8pm for a drink and catch-up, then do a photo walk (route TBC) up to Crofton Park and end in Jam Circus for another drink or two. For people wanting to get involved before then, the current project is 'A Day in the Life' - a self-explanatory documentary project.

All welcome.


Brockley Dogging Society said...

LONDON - Brockley Dogging Society are proud to announce the donation of their entire photo library to the Brockley Flickr group.

Speaking at the launch, Tristram Hedgeley, chairman of the group, said "this has been a long time coming - but with perseverance, sweat and elbow grease, we have gotten there. We look forward to being inside the group."

The BDS also promised visitors to the Photo Walk the opportunity for a few once in a lifetime sights.

EDITORS: The BDS is not affiliated with the Provisional BDS, the Forest Hill Climbers or 'Honour the Oak'

hilly dogger said...

I also have some pictures which I can offer - but I would suggest they be viewed by members only - sorry, correct that - only members may be viewed.

The Finchley Frottagers said...

Sorry to be a pain, but can you drop the groundsheet back? We're planning our monthly speed dogging and Fr. O'Hallaran is concerned about law suits.

hilly dogger said...

I'll hose it down and get it back to you (slightly foxed)

Zoom Lens said...
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