PFI Leaseholders in Brockley

On Thursday, May 22nd, Brockley leaseholders whose homes are affected by the Council's PFI contract are invited to a meeting at 7.00pm in St Andrew's Church Hall, Brockley Road.

The aim of the meeting will be to implement a process to democratically elect a body that can represent the interests of Brockley PFI Leaseholders.

The meeting is being organised by Pinnacle, which is part of the PFI contract team and follows residents expressing a range of concerns about the plans, both here and elsewhere.

Thanks to Kraig for keeping us updated.


creepylesbo said...

What IS that PFI leaseholder thing? I remember getting a dodgy looking letter a few months ago making promises whihc sounded unrealistic about them fixing everything and I thought it was a scam. Can someone explain it? Does it mean you have to be in a housing association flat and what if the two flats under you aren't in the same scheme?

Bea said...

If you are a council tenant it's for free / if the council is your leaseholder you pay for the improvements.

Headhunter said...

It's all being done under legislation which forces councils to bring their social housing up to a certain standard by 2010. This means fitting double glazing among other things. If you live in a flat and other flats in the same building are local authority, you'll get a bill at some point for the work

Anonymous said...

Bea, you mean if the council is the freeholder, not the leaseholder.

Bea said...

Oopps - yes. Sorry.

Alex said...

I am a Lewisham leaseholder and my sash windows were repaired and re-painted last month. I am not sure if these plans are restricted to large blocks of flats or if it is becasue my flat is in a converted terraced house but it doesn't seem to apply to everyone

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