Trees and CCTV: the final chapter

Here's a footnote to the longest-running saga in Brockley Central's short life. Lewisham Council's CCTV manager Anne Sharp has been in touch to let BC readers know that the CCTV cameras on Lewisham Way and by St John's Station are now working properly, following the felling of a tree in Lewisham College car park (as previously covered at exhaustive length on BC).

To those who attended the meeting with Lewisham Council officers last month it was fairly clear that it wasn't a particularly healthy tree and the situation was more complex than we had originally thought. Having said that, the recent national debate over CCTV cameras throws up some wider questions about their positioning and usefulness in Brockley. But if any cameras should be working in our area, then it's those by St John's Station. So do BC readers concur that we can chalk this saga up as having a happy ending?