Degustation - o ye of little faith

Brockley Central was plunged in to a profound gloom a few hours aogo when someone on the site asked whether Degustation had closed down. Shelves had been seen outside and the shop has been closed for a few days. Was the Brockley renaissance over before it had truly begun? Could this be the end of our pain au chocolat fix on a Saturday morning? Would we never again lay eyes on Augustin's cheery face?

Well the good news is, Degustation's back, bigger and better than ever.

Augustin just rang to explain that they are expanding their range of wines, which is why the shop has been closed for a few days.

The shop and his wine business has been doing well and Augustin is delighted with the support he has had from Brockley shoppers, who have formed a regular customer base.

To celebrate the arrival of a new range of products this weekend, there will be a special half-price offer on a range of cakes and pastries on Bank Holiday Monday.

So, panic over. Vive le Brockley revolution.