Brockley Bites

Steady underfoot: good news and bad news

The eastern path on Hilly Fields is being re-surfaced, which is good news for all the runners and joggers who use the park. This is something that was identified as being necessary on the previous thread about the Hilly Fields users' group, and it's good to see action being taken.

However, the bad news is that some idiot has created massive tyre track indentations into the grass in several parts of the park, in particular by the stone circle. If they're not smoothed over, these will be a real pain underfoot as well as being visually unattractive. Let's hope Glendale are going to fix this.

Mucky business

You can help to cut the amount of waste Brockley generates by turning organic materials into good old muck. Yes, we're talking composting.

Lewisham Council is currently promoting composting through a deal with Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP). Compost bins are being sold for £17 (220 litre), £20 (330 litre) and £40 for a massive, 4-sided bin.

To order, visit here and quote reference number HCA2 or call 0845 077 0757.

BBC have a CHAT about cats on Lewisham Way

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust (or CHAT) have been in the news recently, not for anything Brockley-related, but for chasing some 80 cats round the Olympic Village building site! The BBC's ultra-slick outside broadcast came to us live from CHAT's Lewisham Way HQ.

Brockley Central was also impressed to find out that Celia Hammond is more famous as a '60s supermodel'. We'll leave the commenters to make the puns about catwalks.

We'd urge any Brockley Central readers who are thinking of getting a pet to consider adopting from CHAT, but you better hurry if you want Dave the Cat, as we've got our eye on him...

Rolling stock revealed

Here's a pic of the design for the trains that will run through Brockley on the London Overground network:

BC likes the orange and blue colour scheme, and the doors look nice and wide which should help prevent those morning wrestling matches as everyone tries to get both on and off the carriage at once.

(with thanks to London Connections for the pic).