Untitled (ode to delis)

Once, Brockley Central was accused by one Lewisham blogger of getting above its station by adopting the 'royal we'. We risk enraging her still further by hoping to create the position of Brockley Central's poet laureate.

But sometimes, a post is so good that it deserves a thread all of its own. At 1.30am last night, an anonymous poet - our own Wilfred Owen - sent this poem from the front line of the Great Gentrification War:

Surely the happy clappy
Fecund families
In the bosom of their brood

Would not begrudge
Continental comestibles
For the sad singletons
Of the neighbourhood.

A little respite, a little joy
For those who have no girl or boy.
Why resent money spent
On continental fripperies

Cheese and wine and vol-e-ventes
and multi-berried muselies.

In the end what they spend
is no reflection
on the wholesome two point twosome who fill their
trolleys across Lewisham.

With family fodder piled up high. They brave the
To stock the larder.

Glance at the fuel, let out a sigh. To pay the price
means to work harder.

To face the race to make a life
do you need a husband or wife?

It certainly ain't the only way.
Being on your tod can also pay.

Great economies are often possible
and surplus income quite disposable.

What if I spend it in a deli
On frenchie cheese or fancy jam? It's my lolly, I
earned it
And I really, don't give a damn.


We hope this anonymous artist posts again.


Anonymous said...

The westside troll comes out to speak,
who is this person? Is he a geek?

His cats are on heat,
which isn't particularly neat,
they meaow from dawn to dusk,
For cats, is this a monthly must?

Who would let cats do that? I hear you ask,
it is the guy behind the APP&P mask,
Is he sane? Is he a geek?
Will he come to Brockley central's drink meet?

The proof will be in the pudding, to meet the guy,
as he is, after all, AP Pudding & pie

Anonymous said...

Is this the start of anonymous banksy style monthly poem from the Brockley poet?!

APP&P.... good effort

Anonymous said...

nice, but totally unnecessary comma in the last line.

Anonymous said...

I once went down to Brockley Station
One of the grottiest holes in our nation
I wanted KFC
But I saw a del-i
Spent my monthly wage at Degustation

Me said...

This is good, I like it a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure that Brockley station could be described as "one of the grottiest holes in our nation"! That's a bit steep! Anonymous obviously doesn't get out much - there're far, far worse spots out there! Or was this just artistic licence?

Anonymous said...

More a case of needing the words to fit, to be honest. Although I've seen nicer station approaches and facades.

max said...

Here's my humble contribution


Free rangers feasting
on fair trade foie gras
forget those who fasting
feed full fat offsprings

Anonymous said...

And a Haiku for you:

The sun flickers on
the glass and steel of new house
grafitti drys in its heat

Anonymous said...

Like the haiku!

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