Brockley Bites: Green-fingered edition

Brockley's bane: The blue peril

It's a reasonable bet that anyone with any outside space in Brockley has encountered these big, rapidly-growing, blue-flowered plants:

But what are they?

Admittedly BC's gardening knowledge is limited, but we haven't seen these plants in other parts of London. So we throw the question out to green-fingered BC readers - what are they? Weed or rare specialist species? Exclusive to Brockley, or a Gardeners' Question Time regular? And how the hell do we eliminate them from our garden?

Green Brockley: Yay for trees

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed the new trees outside the postal sorting office on Brockley Road.

BC suspects this has been funded by Lewisham Council's localities fund, after the complex and passionate debate on this year's allocation. We think it's a much-needed perk for this part of Brockley Road and hope they don't become a target for mindless, moronic vandals.

Long live the sorting office trees!