Brockley Bites - Clean Living Special

Gamble less

The Appeal by Portland Bookmakers against the Council’s decision not to grant its license application is made next week on:

Tuesday 13th May – Thursday 15th May 2008
Bromley Magistrates Court
London Road
Bromley BR1 1RA

This is the final battle to prevent yet another bookie from colonising the area, by taking over the Homeview site. For the uninitiated, this issue has been a long-running one, which you can read about here.

At previous hearings, a large number of protestors have been present to make their feelings known and the protestors are hoping for as much support as possible throughout the hearing.

To date, only one person commenting on this site has spoken out in favour of the application and they accidentally outed themselves as the owners of Portland Bookmakers.

Recycle more

Lewisham Council wants to find the Best Recycling Street in Lewisham. The Council wants to find dedicated recyclers to champion the cause in their nominated street, to encourage their fellow residents to recycle more each week in their street than in any other.

You can nominate yourself and your own road (or a section of a road, or another road), for the award. Then you just need to speak to the neighbours and persuade them to recycle that bit more!

Lewisham Council will provide information and a toolkit to make sure residents know what can be recycled. Each streets’ participation rate and the types of materials being collected for recycling will be measured when all the nominations are in, and again six weeks later.

The winning street will be the one that sees the biggest increase in recycling behaviour in terms of the number of people recycling three or more materials, such as paper, cardboard, glass bottle/jars, food/drinks cans and plastic bottles.

A special street sign will be erected on the winning street, proclaiming it to be the ‘Best Recycling Street in Lewisham’. The winner will receive a ‘Recycling Champion’ plaque recognising their efforts. All participants will receive recognition for their efforts and contribution.

If you would like to get involved call 020 8314 2245 or 020 8314 2053 now or email to request an entry form and more information.

The deadline to register is Friday.

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

Kirsty’s been in touch to say that the derelict grocers near The Talbot pub may come back in to use soon. It’s a property that has lain dormant for many years and which the Council has been trying to resuscitate for some time, although offers of help were strongly resisted by the elderly owner, whose family used to run it.

However, sadly, the owner recently passed away, meaning that it may once again become a functioning shop. Together with the planned restoration of the pub, it would transform that corner of Brockley.

Take part

Don’t forget that the first Brockley Assembly will be held tonight from 7-9pm at Lewisham College, 16 Lewisham Way SE4 1UT. If you're planning to go, we'd be interested to hear what issues will be most important to you.