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Gamble less

The Appeal by Portland Bookmakers against the Council’s decision not to grant its license application is made next week on:

Tuesday 13th May – Thursday 15th May 2008
Bromley Magistrates Court
London Road
Bromley BR1 1RA

This is the final battle to prevent yet another bookie from colonising the area, by taking over the Homeview site. For the uninitiated, this issue has been a long-running one, which you can read about here.

At previous hearings, a large number of protestors have been present to make their feelings known and the protestors are hoping for as much support as possible throughout the hearing.

To date, only one person commenting on this site has spoken out in favour of the application and they accidentally outed themselves as the owners of Portland Bookmakers.

Recycle more

Lewisham Council wants to find the Best Recycling Street in Lewisham. The Council wants to find dedicated recyclers to champion the cause in their nominated street, to encourage their fellow residents to recycle more each week in their street than in any other.

You can nominate yourself and your own road (or a section of a road, or another road), for the award. Then you just need to speak to the neighbours and persuade them to recycle that bit more!

Lewisham Council will provide information and a toolkit to make sure residents know what can be recycled. Each streets’ participation rate and the types of materials being collected for recycling will be measured when all the nominations are in, and again six weeks later.

The winning street will be the one that sees the biggest increase in recycling behaviour in terms of the number of people recycling three or more materials, such as paper, cardboard, glass bottle/jars, food/drinks cans and plastic bottles.

A special street sign will be erected on the winning street, proclaiming it to be the ‘Best Recycling Street in Lewisham’. The winner will receive a ‘Recycling Champion’ plaque recognising their efforts. All participants will receive recognition for their efforts and contribution.

If you would like to get involved call 020 8314 2245 or 020 8314 2053 now or email to request an entry form and more information.

The deadline to register is Friday.

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

Kirsty’s been in touch to say that the derelict grocers near The Talbot pub may come back in to use soon. It’s a property that has lain dormant for many years and which the Council has been trying to resuscitate for some time, although offers of help were strongly resisted by the elderly owner, whose family used to run it.

However, sadly, the owner recently passed away, meaning that it may once again become a functioning shop. Together with the planned restoration of the pub, it would transform that corner of Brockley.

Take part

Don’t forget that the first Brockley Assembly will be held tonight from 7-9pm at Lewisham College, 16 Lewisham Way SE4 1UT. If you're planning to go, we'd be interested to hear what issues will be most important to you.


Anonymous said...

I think a well run bookies is better than an empty shop,
there is demand for bookies, I for one will use it, rather a bookies than a deli (just my opinion)!!

Anonymous said...

If Portland give up, then hopefully the space will come back on the market for some other use.

There are plenty of bookies around already for those so inclined.

Anonymous said...

The problem is if a bookmakers goes into that prominent unit it is likely is to catalyse a form of degeneration of that area. (Depending on your point of view). In retail there is a concept called clustering where a critical mass of businesses in one location and creates retail harmony, synergy.

There appears to be a clustering of bookmakers in that area there are two in the immediate vicinity already.

If that area does become 'Bookie central' it is likely to drive out other 'non synergistic' businesses, such as Moonbow Jakes, who have publicly stated that they would move if the bookmakers moved in next door.

But all of this is down to what the majority of people who use that part of Brockley want.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing specifically against bookies, but I think someone has a responsibility to make sure that one business type does not monopolise an area.

Why should Brockley become "gmabling central"? There's a far wider customer base which has far broader requirements than just a glut of bookies attracting bookie customers from far and wide to our area.

Anonymous said...

I'll add another vote for the "anything but another deli/fairtrade/cafe/health food shop" party

Anonymous said...

I would really like a decent pub near the station.

Anonymous said...

There already is one - beer and a burger for a fiver.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11;41,

re;Moonbow Jakes hissy fit,

well there's a grown up response!!
trade must not be going very well for MJ, if they throw in the hat so quickly,a good buisnesss knows it can sit out a bad situation, so perhaps this just proves the need to bring in new buisness and life to the area..

Brockley Nick said...

@Anon 12.50

Moonbows is a very successful business which does a lot for the community, such as supporting the Brockley MAX festival. Even if you think a.n. other bookies would be OK, no one in their right mind would suggest Moonbows should move out and left a bookmakers move in to the area to bring new life to it. Unless they happened to be Portland posting in-cognito again.

Anonymous said...


re;about no-one in there right mind
well look at Anon 11.41

MJ said they would leave no-one suggested it,I just find it strange a buisness doing well would even consider such a thing..
Iam sure the bookies will be only to happy to help out with local issues if asked.

Anonymous said...

How do you know - do the current local bookies have a history of helping out locally. I think not.

If you are Portland - declare your colours - if you aren't, then we accept your point that you wouldn't mind a bookies - but let others make theior point about the sort of business they would like to see on the parade

Anonymous said...

The good thing about Moonbrow Jakes is that they are thinking about the wider community as well as running a business.

This is clearly something anon@13:02 doesn't quite understand.

If anon@13:02 operates a business then I wouldn't want their trade on my doorstep

Anonymous said...

calm down little one's from the big 'C'
MJ are thinking about the community who do not want a bookies, TJ can you provide evidience that this is thus 'the wider community' I think not you speak with feelings not with facts APP, you better than most should know how it feels to be discriminated for expressing your views...I have seen how you have been treated on another thread,
you may not agree with me whoever I am but freedom of speak is my right...and I have no problem with a bookies and google sponsership and you will see the good work they do within the community ,it may even get the Bmax back on track.

Anonymous said...


Yes, of course you have that right. You also have responsibility, something that alot of people seem to forget.

We already have alot of bookies, as my mum once said to me...

...just say 'NO'

Anonymous said...

It's a shame your mum didn't apply the same philosophy to procreation.

Anonymous said...

what on earth has private sponsorship got to do with getting "the B Max back on track"? Is the B Max off track?

Anonymous said...

No, it is not off track. It is fine.

Anonymous said...

That's great news. I'm really looking forward to another night on Hilly Fields. Last year's was fantastic with the music and fireworks.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean the bookies are sponsering Bmax?I am confused,
please explain..

Anonymous said...

The grocers on Tyrwhitt Road! Yippee! The fact that it could now come back into use is so exciting! Why don't the new owners of The Talbot turn it into a deli / cafe? Or someone else? There has to be someone in the area who is looking for a potentially great little business in an up-and-coming area! I hope someone approaches the council soon to make a bid for it.

Anonymous said...

No more delis and/or cafes!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean 'no more cafes and/or delis'? last time I checked there were none around this end of brockley. the only thing around here we have enough of is fried chicken shops, empty shops, random shops I would never use.

bring on the delis and cafes I say! don't you want this side of brockley / lewisham way to get some decent places to go at last?

Anonymous said...

Yes I do, but I'm not sure how that will be fulfilled by consuming bread, cheese and freetrade lattes.

Tressilliana said...

The delis must be a great boon to all you single/childless people with plenty of money but they're not a luxury many people in Brockley can afford very often. We went to both Dandelion Blue and Degustation for the first time recently. Lovely stuff but my God! the prices! We have one full-time public sector salary and one part-time ditto to feed two adults plus two teenagers. There is no way we could afford to shop there other than for a special treat.

Aren't there any other ventures we could do with locally other than delis, coffee shops, fried chicken shops, offies and bookies?

Anonymous said...

Why you can get just about everything else from Tescos or Sainsburys. That is the way we live these days and that is why there are so many empty shops.

Shopping is now centralised for the convenience of car owning families.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means loaded and can only afford delis / cafes for a treat at weekends or if I'm careful during the week sometimes too - but I would just love to have the option to go to these places where I live rather than having to go to blackheath / greenwich every time. I don't want brockley to gentrify too much but a bit (at least in my end - lewisham way) would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a car owner, I'll take that. Thanks.

Oh and tesco do a lovely selection of breads now, and dare I say it cheeses.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 22.01 - i disagree. i think people are now wanting to buy from independent shops and to have good local produce. i think given the choice of buying a loaf I'd much rather pick one up from a nice fresh shop near my house than trek to a supermarket. i'd much rather drink my coffee in a nice coffee shop than sat in my ever familiar flat on a sunday morning. i think a lot of people would use a deli / cafe in this end of brockley. and it isn't about being rich and having loads of money - you can go for a coffee for £2 and relax and read the paper. that's not a rip off by any means!

Anonymous said...


as pointed out for a single person thats great but for a family 2 kids 2 adults a coffee would cost £8, thats a lot and if you all fancied a second cuppa well there goes £16, may not fit with some on site but that feeds my family for a whole day, so I m afraid its out of our range...

Anonymous said...

you dont have to drink coffee, what about tea?

Tea is generally cheaper, and alot of places will offer free refils and/or buy it by the pot.

Things dont have to be expensive you know, you just need to think abit more about things.

Anonymous said...

And you could buy a whole jar of coffee for £2 at Tescos.

Anonymous said...

i think your suggestion was very sweet but I also think you are a single person ;)
and may not understand how tight family budgets are at present...

Anonymous said...

Family budget tight or not - you can't deny that a Deli/coffee shop at that end of Brockley would be an unwelcome addition. We have a Tesco a few hundred yards up the road - and another further down Loampit hill at the garage, and yet another down in Lewisham.

Cheap cafe - plenty of those too along Brockley Road and Lewisham Way.

I agree the prices in Degustation and Dandelion Blue can be eyewateringly expensive - so I dont shop there often; but I would prefer to see some variety in the area - and that does mean delis and cafes. For every deli we have, I can give you a costcutter/spar/tesco express. We are not swamped by nice shops by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

obviously that is meant to read 'welcome addition' - I wish we could edit after post 8-)

Anonymous said...

Well judging by the numbers of mothers with buggies who regularly frequent local cafes, the prices are not out of reach of all the families in the area.

Nor are other new shops the preserve of well heeled singles. Our local wholefood shop seems full stuff for mums and eco-toddlers.

Maybe it is the delis that are for well heeled singles. Buying their single portions for their single meals that they consume in solitude.

Who would deny such sad characters a little indulgence from time to time.

I am moved to compose doggerel...

Surely the happy clappy
Fecund families
In the bosom of their brood

Would not begrudge
Continental comestibles
For the sad singletons
Of the neighbourhood.

A little respite, a little joy
For those who have no girl or boy.
Why resent money spent
On continental fripperies

Cheese and wine and vol-e-ventes
and multi-berried muselies.

In the end what they spend
is no reflection
on the wholesome two point twosome who fill their trolleys across Lewisham.

With family fodder piled up high. They brave the ailes
To stock the larder.

Glance at the fuel, let out a sigh. To pay the price means to work harder.

To face the race to make a life
do you need a husband or wife?

It certainly ain't the only way.
Being on your tod can also pay.

Great economies are often possible
and surplus income quite disposable.

What if I spend it in a deli
On frenchie cheese or fancy jam? It's my lolly, I earned it
And I really, don't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats great!

Brockley Nick said...

@anon, do you want to be bc's poet in residence?

Anonymous said...

come on Anon - give yourself a moniker and take up the post

Anonymous said...

As well as the empty corner shop at the bottom of Tyrwhitt Road two further shops in the row are also empty.

The chemist moved to the new St Johns health centre and the Happy Valley taylors appears to have gone out of business.

Currently 3 out of 4 shops empty.

Bookies anyone?

Incidentally did anyone go to the Brockley Assembly couldn't make it myself?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, also forgot to mention an exhibition of the Loampit Vale Redevelopment at Lewisham Bridge School this Thursday Friday and Saturday, late afternoon early evening.

Bit off Brockley's map but includes new pool and leisure centre which I believe will replace Ladywell in due course.

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