Timed Collections for Brockley Road

This is actually much more interesting news than the headline might suggest...

Why does the main road through Blackheath Village stay largely dumpster-free, while the pavements of Brockley Road heave with bins?

They both have shops and people living in flats above, who need to dispose of their rubbish.

The difference is that Blackheath Village has timed collections - regular collection of rubbish bags that avoids the need to save it all up for a week on the street.

The good news is that timed collections are coming to Brockley Road.

When we interviewed Cllr Heidi Alexander earlier this week, she revealed that, following very successful trials in Catford, timed collections are being rolled out more widely across the borough (The Forest Hill Society is also keen on timed collections) and that residents of Brockley Road between Cranfield and Harefield Roads will soon be receiving letters telling them how the new scheme will work.

Refuse lorries will arrive at pre-defined times of day, so that residents and businesses can leave their rubbish bags out in time for collection, rather than storing them on the street. Fewer bins, more pavement, a better street.

Combined with the initiative to mask the bins by the Sorting Office, this is an incredibly positive move for Brockley Road and we hope that it will soon be adopted for the entire length of the street.

We'll be publishing the interview with Cllr Alexander shortly.