BC Drinks III - Judgement Day

Don't forget, tomorrow night, 8pm - The Talbot, Tyrwhitt Road.

Drink, talk, meet real people, learn about The Talbot's future.


The Pirate King said...

Real people?

That's terrifying!

Brockley Kate said...

Yay! Who's coming then? I'll be there.

patrick1971 said...

I can't come now, annoyingly. Hope you all have a good time.

Donna said...

I used to live in Brockley in 2003 (Montague Ave) about 4 years ago. For some crazy reason I decided to leave my lovely (rented) flat with its great garden and go further west. I am now thinking of moving back later this year.

This blog, together with the fact that neighbours & locals actually want to meet in real life (In London? Shock!,) makes it all the more enticing!

Keep the fab posts coming :)

fabhat said...

I can't come either, but I look forward to hearing about the aftermath...

tyrwhitt michael said...

Very nice of you all to come to me this time......

I'll be there at 7.30pm to get my usual stool.

The good news is Rob has bought some new light bulbs!!

Bad news is four of the outside tables have disappeared....can't think where?

Headhunter said...

And remember... No mention of "old soaks"....

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

I was going to go, but I fear being stabbed on the way out.

b. said...

sorry folks, myself and the lovely les wont be able to make it - les has an exam on friday and i have a tennis arrangement at hilly fields (maybe a post tennis toot though... hmmm)

if not, enjoy!

Amanda said...

I won't be able to make this thursday, have a fab time all.

tyrwhitt michael said...

Unlike the previous two venues the Talbot has two bars and a garden.

This begs the question where are you planing to meet Public, Saloon or outside?

Oh and AP P&P no worries about safety in Tyrwhitt Road we don't even merit the yellow signs....

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

It's the road I was worried about Michael..!!

Sian said...

We (David and Sian) will be there. We live in Tyrwhitt Road and are very excited about the Talbot refurb! I've been posting on here as "Sam" because I have never liked seeing my name in print, and also didn't want my employer to find out second-hand I was intending to resign - I'm the one leaving the foreign office to start my own business and support women set up their own businesses in SE London. I resigned last week so am really looking forward to getting going. It will be great to meet some local people who are so passionate about the local community.

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

Sian, if you are going, are you up for a economic discussion? (if you are the Sam who previously posted).

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Please drop whatever economic hot potato you've been carrying around Andy and have a pint.

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

debating/drinking normally go hand in hand in my book!

Sian said...

I am indeed that Sam, APP&P, but to be honest I'd rather get to know people than discuss economics on Thurs if you don't mind. Another time, maybe...

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

Sure! How is your new business going btw?

Sian said...

Thanks for asking. I'm still working my notice until the start of June so I haven't really got going at full speed yet - just dabbling in the evening (hence being on here!) But first signs are positive - and I'm writing an e-mail interview for Nick which he (hopefully) will post on here. It's quite scary and exciting all at the same time. I've found some great organisations which are either doing microfinance in other parts of London or helping young people start up in business in Lewisham so I'm starting to make contact and learn form their experience. My plan is to get the advertising/web-building business off to a start, then try a trial microfinance project for a handful of people as a prototype. Lots to learn and lots to do!

Brockley Kate said...

Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight!

jon s said...

won't be there, still in Finland!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Marc Almond | Main | American Fine Arts must not die
October 21, 2004
Democracy is Fun?
This evening we stopped in at the opening reception for White Box's new group show, "Democracy is Fun?," the latest in a series of intense installations they've been mounting as a response to our republic's desperate cries for help. We stayed longer than we had originally intended, and here are some of the reasons why. I should point out that, as is usual on these pages, the images which appear in the post are those the camera seemed to like. They are definitely not the only interesting works in the show, which was curated by Michele Thursz and Defne Ayas.

The gallery will be open election night with screenings and performances, and I'm sure there will be cable for the actual returns. Many of us will be more comfortable with the crowd which is going to be drawn to 26th Street than we would almost anywhere else. [As we get closer to November 2, I may post a list of the spaces which will be welcoming people who would not really be comfortable in either candidate's headquarters.]

This work near the entrance went straight to the core of America's funny democracy:

Hug and Magnan Escape (2004) duraflex printed mounted on aluminum, installation view

These political footballs were the kinetic sculptures we found rolling underfoot throughout the gallery space; they would occasionally meet a smartly placed toe which launched the scary Bush heads across the floor:

Kendell Geers Kicking Against the Pricks (2004) 11 political latex masks, footballs, detail of installation view

Michael Anderson had eight collages made up of reconstructed "posters" along the west wall:

Michael Anderson Empire Strikes Back (2004) street posters from NYC 32" x 24" detail

Hug and Magnan again - just because it says it so well and looks so good doing it:

Hug and Magnan God Bless America flashe on found object, installation view

Posted by james at October 21, 2004 11:25 PM

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