Them and us: Nunhead

Maybe it's just because the sun was out last time we visited Nunhead, but we've recently been forced to reevaluate the area. We used to think of it as a lonely parade of shops pressed up against a quaint but empty little green, on the way to other places.

But on the last couple of occasions, we've started noticeing little architectural details which make the place more interesting and flower boxes have burst in to bloom, which make Nunhead feel more homely. The universal praise from BC readers for FC Soper has also given us a reason to think of Nunhead as a destination, rather than a shortcut.

We also discovered that we know someone who lives there. So we asked her a few questions about the place. Here's what she told us:

How long have you been living in Nunhead?

Since August last year, so about 9 months.

Why did you move to the area?

It was cheaper than the area of Peckham that we were living in… you could actually buy a whole house for the same price of a flat!

What are the best and worst things about living in Nunhead?

Best things: The local shops and pubs. The butchers and bakers are superb, the Old Nun’s Head pub is just around the corner, and the Rye Hotel isn’t too far away either.

Worst things: If you miss your train it's 1/2 an hour wait till the next one, and no matter how much you think you can beat it by getting on the bus, you never do!

Why should people in Brockley think about visiting?

Nunhead cemetery is beautiful, and Peckham Rye park is just around the corner. From time to time there are also a few little fetes and art events that happen on Nunhead green.

Do you ever visit Brockley? What is your perception of Brockley?

I never have and to be honest and don’t know too much about it. I’m sure I’ve probably driven through before, but that’s about it I’m afraid.

Tell us one thing about Nunhead you won't find on Wikipedia?

It apparently gets its name from a nun who was executed many years ago (not sure why), but whose head was then placed on a stake and put in the middle of Nunhead green as a warning to any other people looking to defy the government. No idea if that’s true, but they’re the rumours!