Portland wins Homeview appeal

Despite massive local opposition, Portland Bookmakers today won their appeal at Bromley Magistrates Court. As a result, the Homeview Video site on Brockley Road will become a.n. other bookmaker in SE4.

In announcing his verdict, the judge made it clear that none of the arguments against Portland's plans mattered - under the current legislation, the community have no say in whether a bookmakers is allowed to set up shop. Unless it can be demonstrated that the applicant will serve under-18s or encourage people with mental health problems to gamble, there are no grounds to refuse a license.

So that's it. Portland Bookmakers will be opening. The only question now is how much custom they will generate. Given the relatively low rents and the number of potential customers in Brockley, it seems a forlorn hope that they will be forced to close through lack of trade.

We look forward to them making good on their pledge to play a positive role in the local community...