Brockley: A Sun Worshipper's Guide

For the first time this year, the BBC weather forecast is predicting five consecutive days of sunshine, unbroken by rain.

So, we're taking this narrow window of opportunity to ask for the best places in Brockley to enjoy the weather. Hilly Fields, Telegraph Hill and Blythe Hill are all automatic choices. We're short of decent beer gardens or cafe terraces, but there are a few bright spots:

Toads Mouth Too: Forget perching on a plastic chair out-front (flanked by the bookie and the sorting office) and make your way out-back for Brockley's mellowest sun-trap. A relaxed atmosphere, occasional BBQs and plenty of shade.

Jam Circus: Throws its doors open on sunny days, so front row seats to the road catch plenty of rays, while the road is quiet enough that you don't have to fight with the traffic to talk to your friends.

Skehans: Great spot for an afternoon drink, on the bend of Telegrah Hill.

The Wickham Arms: As long as they've swept-up the fag-ends that occasionally carpet the decking, head for the front garden of the Wickham and look down on the tranquil beauty of Upper Brockley Road.

The Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery: Dappled sunlight plays through the elderly trees, casting gorgeous shadows. Not a great place to have a drink, unless you like Carlsberg Special Brew, but a nice place to escape the midday sun.