What the Council Giveth, the Artmongers Taketh Away

(well, cover up, at least)

The Brockley Max team bring word that Artmongers, the people behind Moo Cross and the Toadsmouth Key, will be transforming one of Brockley's famous eyesores - the bin farm down by the post office.

The theme for the piece is love, environment, recycling, local heritage, conservation and cleanliness – all subjects very close to Brockley's heart. The aim is to have the work all ready for the forthcoming Brockley Max festival. We're not sure whether the transformation will be permanent, but we hope so!

There will be workshops so that Artmongers can work with local people, the first being tomorrow, Friday 16th May, 11am in Toadsmouth Too. You should also be able to find A4 leaflets with more info in cafes around the area. Email studio@artmongers.com for more info.

More news on the Max coming soon!

The bin farm!
What will become of the Brockley Road bin farm?