The Brockley Assembly: a new voice for local people?

Lewisham Council has come up with a new way of listening to its constituents: local assemblies for each council ward. These were suggested by the mayor's commission and passed by the council last year, and Brockley's version is due to launch next week.

The assembly will meet four times a year and all local residents are invited to attend. It aims to give residents the opportunity to:
- Discuss and share what matters to them;
- Work with councillors and others to shape the neighbourhood;
- Raise issues of concern to the mayor and other public bodies;
- Find out what is happening in Brockley;
- consider how Brockley's £10,000 annual Locality Fund should be spent.

The assembly's priorities will be taken on by a working group chaired by councillor Dean Walton. Other local councillors will also attend.

Brockley Ward:

Tuesday 13 May 2008, Lewisham College, Breakspears Building, SE4 1UT from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Crofton Park Ward:

Wednesday 2 July 2008, St Hildas Church Hall, Brockley Road, SE4 2DG from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Ladywell Ward:

Thursday 26 June 2008, St Andrews Church Hall, Brockley Road, SE4 2SA from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Telegraph Hill Ward:

Tuesday 17 June 2008, Meadowgate School, Revelon Road, Brockley, SE4 2PR from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

You can find out more about the assemblies here.

This could potentially be a powerful voice for Brockley's interests in the wider coucil area, but on the other hand it could simply be a talking shop. It also remains to be seen how well the assembly will work with existing community-based groups such as the Brockley Cross Action Group, which fulfils some of the assembly's remit already. However it seems to be a promising development and Brockley Central hopes to follow its progress in the months to come.


Anonymous said...

Kate, considering 'west brockley' and 'telegraph hill' and everything west of brockley station is in the telegraph hill borough, would you be able to post the times and meeting dates for our borough too please?

Many Thanks,

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Telegraph Hill Ward, click here it's all on the Lewisham website. I would have though a man with two degrees and razor sharp investigatory skills could have found that out for himself?

Anonymous said...

Yes i know, but I dont like the way 50% of the people around brockley are completely ignored by the authors of this site who ALL happen to live in the conservation area....!

Anonymous said...

APP & P you should change your name to moany old woman, chip on your shoulder or what!

Anonymous said...

Completely ignored?

Anonymous said...

almost completely, yes.

Anonymous said...

Quick scan down list of recent articles...

Almost nothing exclusively about the conservation area. Quite a few stories about the "west".

Anonymous said...

Prompted by this posting I investigated and put details of the Telegraph Hill meeting date on thehill website - link from this home-page. All sorts of things affecting "the west" there - but not so much chat.

Anonymous said...

what Tasmin! Are you saying the Telegraph Hill site is ignoring the Conservation area!

Anonymous said...

As there are many conversations about housing on this forum wonder if the assembly will give an consideration to social housing.

In answer to Cllr Pheonix the council has said since 2000 the number of people registered (on the waiting list) has more than doubled to almost 20,000.
It will be interesting to see if the priorities in the various wards are different or on similar lines ie crime, anti-social behaviour, traffic.

Anonymous said...

Articles specific/aimed at the conservation area rarely mention the word conservation area so you are not likely to detect them via. a quick look through. Its when an article is NOT aimed at the conservation area that the area gets mentioned (so that readers know where they are taking about).

Recent conservation area topics include:

Anything to do with saving treees (felling of trees, 'save the trees'); crime signs ('They want your mobile phone etc); planting of wickham road flowerbeds (this is especially annoying as the BCAG HAVE money to spend on planting immediately WEST of station, but this site HAS NOT even mentioned it - the Wickham Rd Estate happens to be in the conservation area. BCAG want to do the planting, DESPITE NOT being anywhere near Brockley Cross); Also, the 10,000 localities fund - again, ni coverage of amounts applicable for 'west brockly', only for brockley ward.

Dont forget the regular contributions made by Clr Dean Waton only is in relation to the Brockley ward. West of station is not represented by him at all.

Brockley Nick said...

@All - apologies for not including the details for all wards in the BC catchment area. We will remedy.

@Andy - I've no wish to let yet another thread get dominated by your trolling, but just for the record:

Not everything that happens in the area makes it on to the site. We exercise some editorial judgement, about what's interesting and important, which hopefully keeps the site readable.

If you think there is something we should be covering, please tell us about it - we can't write about it if we don't know about it. You contacted me a while ago to see if I would write up an interview with your local cllrs. I said yes. You've done nothing about it since.

Even if something written about (eg: trees, signs) happens to be prompted by something that has happened in the Conservation area, the debates the articles prompt are almost always aimed at wider issues that affect us all, whereever we live. The signs, for an example, popped up all over London and could pop up on your street in future. The debate was about whether that sort of tactic was the right one.

If Sue and Dean (and other cllrs) are active participants and yours isn't, I'd suggest that's their fault, not ours.


@All - as ever, if there's something missing from the site, please email me and tell me.

Anonymous said...

@Nick, I contacted you a week ago. I know we live in a fast moving society but how long do you think these things take?

And thanks for making that clear to all the readers. I dont blame anyone, just merely commenting on the social dynamics based on reads/contributes to this site.

Hope you had a good weekend, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

sorry, two weeks.

Brockley Nick said...

April 11th, actually.

And if you don't blame anyone, you might like to think about changing the tone you adopt when writing. And you might like to think about writing less.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. I don't even live in the area, so not coming at this from a west/east perspective or any of that baggage, and I do find APP&P's posts frequently trollish, aggressive, belligerent and mischievous. It may be that he doesn't intend that effect - if so, it's even more important that he realises that is how he sounds. The sad thing is, he is engaged and does seem to care about the area and no doubt has things to say that are worth hearing - if he could find a way to change his tone it would be a very positive thing.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing it referred to but I don't know what it means - what IS the 'Conservation Area'?

Anonymous said...

Here's the conservation area:

Anonymous said...

@ ap&p - the remedy is in your own hands. You could start your own site - covering all things West Brockley.

Anonymous said...

Ah OK, so it means 'the nice bit' then? That's OK, that's where I live.

Anonymous said...

I think Andy has left the building... For now

Anonymous said...

While I disagree with most of what APPP says- almost everything in fact. I don't like to see everyone jump on him for making his point. It doesn't sit right with the general community ethos this site is designed for - I've noticed that blogging makes people very quick to vent indignation to a disproportionate extent. Andy's posts can be annoying but that doesn't warrant some of the stick he gets.

Anonymous said...

I'm back!

Fine, its up to you guys, its your blog - i'll write less and not make any significant viewpoints as I cant explain myself in 20 words or 1 sentence - I do think that restricting debate is pretty bad though.

This is the last detailed blog, just to answer a few things Nick said earlier:

"Not everything that happens in the area makes it on to the site. We exercise some editorial judgement, about what's interesting and important, which hopefully keeps the site readable." - So an article about Brockley's local assembly is interesting, but not the Telegraph Hill one. Sounds very worldly Nick.

"You contacted me a while ago to see if I would write up an interview with your local cllrs. I said yes. You've done nothing about it since." - The clr contacted me a while ago based on a few things I wanted to discuss. I missed his phone call 3 times, and now i'm trying to get back in touch without much success."

"Even if something written about (eg: trees, signs) happens to be prompted by something that has happened in the Conservation area, the debates the articles prompt are almost always aimed at wider issues that affect us all, whereever we live. The signs, for an example, popped up all over London and could pop up on your street in future." - There was a very large bright yellow sign put up about a serious crime committed near Brockley station soon after I moved into the area. I did not see any articles about that on here when it happended, maybe you wern't set up then?.

A serious crime in my book is much more to worry about then stupid iphone signs which were 'aggressively' ripped down by some of the conversation area residents anyway!!!

If Sue and Dean (and other cllrs) are active participants and yours isn't, I'd suggest that's their fault, not ours - Agreed. And I am very pleased and thank full to both clrs for the time and energy they have put in to this site. I have always made that clear.

Anonymous said...

Doh.... Spoke to soon.

Anonymous said...

Internet trolls crave attention. Whether it is because they are bored, or lacking a social life, or that they are simply maladjusted individuals.

Whatever the reason starve the troll of attention and it fades back under its bridge.

Anonymous said...

The Telegraph Hill Assembly is not for a month or so and so probably does not warrant immediate attenion here. And in any event Telegraph Hill has its own separate website with a different type of discussion forum - where anyone who is registered can start up any subject for discussion. There is editorial control (and a couple of years ago a certain individual was blocked) but it is retrospective.

Anyone concerned with issues on the North-West side can air them there.

Brockley Nick said...

Just to be very clear, the TH assembly is important it was simply an oversight not to include it in the first instance, which is why it has now been added. I hope this can be forgiven, given that the author gave up a chunk of her bank holiday to write it.

And the comments sections are for people to use as they wish. There is no censorship, save for asking people to adhere to the code of conduct, which can be found with a quick search of the site.

J said...

My only concern is that all the assemblies, local societies etc. will become too fragmented, essentially which one is best to go to to get results and what happens when they disagree! :o

Add to that whatever new initiatives mayor Boris creates for London....

Anonymous said...

APP has a right to voice his opinion and should not be bullied because he differs from the 'C' crowd.....
I think his views are funny and diverse,
how sad when it comes to write what you like as long as it fits with us !!!
AAP set up your own site...

Brockley Nick said...

@Anon - what is the C crowd?

Anonymous said...

Of course he has a right to voice his opinions, but in keeping with the spirit of the blog he should keep it civil.

Kate is new to this collective blogging and made an oversight, though it I suspect the other assemblies weren't mentioned inititally in this post because the dates weren't as imminent.

The tone of the response was unnecessarily nasty. Nick being sensitive a chap, was protective of Kate and repudiated Andy for it by suggesting he post less. (Note: that this was suggestion to not be on this site so often, less posts in quantity not post less in terms of number of words.)

Andy is not a victim he is not being bullied, he just seems to enjoy the attention, being contentious brings.

Anonymous said...

I think the "C crowd" refers to the conservation area crowd. We have been labeled a "crowd", we have only 1 voice and speak up against and crush anything or anyone with interests outside the conservation area apparently....! I hadn't realised Brockers was sop fractured...

Anonymous said...

Abit surprised this is still being talked about, just to answer for myself (thank you anon) on the few topics raised.

1. I didn't think my tone was particualy nasty towards kate. Kate has been on here for a long time, like many of us, and you can see that actually I have said alot of good things as well as bad things about this site and Brockley.

2. Its important to keep things in perspective, the BXAG, and most of the contributers/bloggers to this site dominate from the Conservation area - for better or for worse.

3. There are alot of things outside the conservation area worth talking about - if they are not raised by the bloggers here, then I will raise it.

4. If my posts are not civil, they get deleted. Hence any posts you see on here are civil.

5. Anon - you are wrong, read nicks comments above. - he suggested writing less and did not mention the frequency of posts.

But in any respect, I'm a troll and can do this.

Brockley Nick said...

@Andy - as I have said here ad nauseum, you are welcome to raise any topic about Brockley you wish. You mentioned the lack of reference to other assemblies, which was a valid point we fixed.

What I don't appreciate is you accusing people of ignoring sections of SE4, when it simply isn't true. We go out of our way to reflect the widest range of stories - it's in the interests of growing the readership after all, which is half the point of the site. Off the top of my head, we have recently written about the plans for the scaffold yard (twice), plans for the Telegraph Hill arts centre, the closure of the 'jazz cafe', the plans for Pincott Park, the Brockley Butterflies (residents of the west side), etc.

Even if you genuinely believe it, you can couch your criticism in more polite terms - good manners are a virtue and are more likely to generate a positive response. Civility isn't confined to avoiding bad language.

Of course, Andy is free to ignore all of these requests. But if he does so, I reserve the right to criticise him for his behaviour. That isn't the same thing as censorship.

I may disagree with what he says, but I will defend to the death his right to say it (actually that's not true).

Brockley Nick said...

PS - very few of the active posters on this site are from the BXAG or BrocSoc, to my knowledge.

Jon and Kate are people who volunteered their services and with whom I had no prior connection. They both happen to live on the east side, but the east side is a big place.

We are all just local people, trying to muddle through this crazy world.

Anonymous said...

Notice the lack of apology for the poor manners. And this person is a school governor, pity the poor children subject to influences like that.

patrick1971 said...

Anyone planning on going to the Crofton Park Local Assembly next Wednesday? I'll be there so will try to give a report back via Nick, but would be good to know if any other BCers will be there.

The Cat Man said...

I thought these assembleys were one per ward, isnt crofton park part of the Brockley ward?

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