Playtime for Brockley

The Council has been given £1 million by the Government to spend on Lewisham's children's play facilities and Cllr Walton would like to hear our suggestions for how some of it could be put to use in Brockley over the next three years.

We know that Hilly Fields Users Group is looking for funds to rebuild and enhance the play area, to create something more like the facilities in Telegraph Hill. So we'd vote for some of the money to go to that project, a facility that will be accessible to all and greatly enhance one of our prize assets. Tanners Hill would be another obvious choice.

Here's the release - Cllr Walton's promised to raise any good suggestions at Council level:

Lewisham awarded £1m to develop play areas

Lewisham Council has been awarded funding of around £1 million over 3 years by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) for the transformation and creation of 20-25 play areas in the borough. This capital funding will allow approximately £50k for each play area to be developed.

Lewisham Council is seeking the views of local residents, including young people, on how they would like to improve and/or develop a play area in their local area. Following this, the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, will select the new sites and local Third Sector organisations will be invited to tender to build the new play areas.

This DCSF programme is part of central government’s agenda, recently highlighted in its Children’s Plan, to improve play opportunities for children and young people. This is to ensure children enjoy their childhood and to contribute to key social and health priorities, such as tackling obesity. Play can also act as a gateway to structured, positive activities and support services for children and families who may be hard to reach through other routes.

To submit an interest in developing an area, we need to know the following information:

- Name and address of the proposed site
- Whether there has been any consultation with the community and children and young people about what they want
- Who would lead on this
- Who would be the beneficiaries
- What will make this area exciting to children and young people
- How it will ensure access to children of all abilities
- How boys and girls will use this area
- Your name and address
Lewisham’s Play Partnership board is responsible for improving play facilities and will decide which bids are successful.
Please forward your views and ideas by Friday 20 June 2008, to: Chris Bull, Children's Centres, Childcare and Play, 3rd Floor Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, SE6 4RU E-mail: Telephone: 020 8314 3685


Anonymous said...

Thank heavens for this. The kids around here really needed this.

Anonymous said...

Could they just let the kids play with the stuff they have on Hilly Fields and use the money to open a pub for us adults to play in, instead?

Anonymous said...

i am aghast that Mayor Steve makes the decision on what gets funded. What qualifies him to judge plans for play areas? he's a politician not a play expert! Please tell me that he will have a team of people providing context on need and expertise on play interventions, early childhood development, children's health.....

Anonymous said...

yeah fancy an elected official deciding how we should spend public money. What a shocker.

Anonymous said...

It's not enough... Hilly Fields, Myatt Garden Primary, the schools over the other side of Lewisham Way, and playe areas west of Brockley Station have long been strapped for cash.

Myatt Garden, its teaching staff, and the Parent groups have worked non-stop to improve the school and play area - so it gets my immediate vote. However, we also need to resite the playground at Hilly Fields from its hurricane-prone position and bring it into the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...

Blythe Hill play area badly needs a revamp.

See what Southwark have done over at Honor Oak playing fields (next to the cemetary) for what I think is a good example of what could be done.

Anonymous said...

You may need to check what you can get for £50,000. There's the surfaces, fencing as well as the items themselves.

Fizzy said...

Congratulations to B C - I cannot find a trace of this announcement on e-Lewissam Council ... help the e-illiterate - where was it announced? Ralph

Fizzy said...

OK - found it - not exactly well publicised

Anonymous said...

"20-25 play areas", if this is the age range I suggest a new betting shop

Tressilliana said...

JPM, I'm sure Myatt Garden deserves a good playground area, but so do all the other local primary schools, including those who don't have active and affluent PTA members.

I know it gets very cold on top of Hilly Fields but it's character-forming (been there, done that, hoping very much never to have to do it again).

Brockley Nick said...

If you read the article on here about Hilly Fields' plans, the point is that they want to take the playground off the mountaintop, to parents don't have to huddle against the cold while their children play for hours in the sandpit.

And I agree, the money is best spent on facilities that all can use.

Anonymous said...

Change of subject, but I want some information quick. SE4 doesn't get delivered on this side of the track and there's nothing on the website yet - what are the dates for this year's Brockley Max? We've got a Hilly Telegraph coming out soon and it would be good to get it round before the Festival starts.

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