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We've helped with the search for cats and snakes in the past, so why not vicar's wives and dancing septuagenarians?

Michael has been in touch in search of extras who do what Oasis and Tesco have so-far failed to do and crack the US market. It sounds as though he's looking for English eccentrics and people who'd fit in in a Ms Marple dramatisation, so he thought his own back yard might be a good place to begin his search. He writes:

I am a Brockley resident, having recently moved to the area. I was wondering if you could help me out by putting this on Brockley Central. I 'm looking for people to feature in a TV commercial.

I work for a television casting company called Sasha Robertson casting. We are currently working on a commercial for US television for 'Frank's Hot Sauce'. The spot will be shown in Canada and the US but will be shot in the UK.

For this commercial we are doing a little 'Street Casting' - this means that the production company want to see people who are not professional actors as they feel it will give the commercial a more genuine feel. As I am in charge of the street casting, I thought that my first port-of-call should be Brockley Central.

We are hoping to cast two roles through the Street Casting. They are:

Woman: A woman who could play a Vicar's wife. She should look 45.

Older Couple: A man and woman who look 70+. They would be required to dance a little.

I should stress that although we are looking for non-professionals, this is a professional production and if chosen, participants would be paid accordingly.

The filming will take place in London, or maybe just outside, I think that they are looking at an old people's home in Guildford. Any transport that is required would be taken care of in the form of a car that would collect each individual from their home and drop them off at the end of the day. Oh and filming will take place in the first week of May.

If anyone is interested, It would be great if they could contact me direct. I will then arrange to come and meet them (wherever they would like) and put them on tape. This should take no more than five minutes. As is often the case with this kind of thing, time is fairly short. I need to have my footage handed in by Wednesday afternoon, so that is the deadline, I'm afraid.

Contact me on: 0783 4362 691


Monkeyboy said...

This is almost too good. Unfortunately I'm not a middle aged 'twinset and pearls' lady nor part of a 70 year old couple.

Tamsin said...

What a stereotype! Vicars' wives are not necessarily twinset and pearls - in fact, on what the CofE pays cheap beads and charity shop is the most one could manage.

Tressilliana said...

On what the CofE pays, I would assume that most vicars nowadays would ideally want a high earner for a spouse! In which case, twin set and pearls would also be a ludicrous image.

Monkeyboy said...

Actually it's 2008. Why should a Vicar's spouse be a woman?

Tamsin said...

Indeed, like that nicely inverted Clerical Medical Insurance ad from a few years back - the vicar being female and her husband a doctor.

Except that a properly engaged and pro-active vicar needs full time family support (like an MP) and, unlike the MPs, doesn't have the allowances that enable him to pay a spouse or adult child as "admin assistant".

Monkeyboy said...

You sound awfully well you have a clerical bent?

Michael said...

Can I just say, that the twinset and pearls was an invention of BrockleyNick when he, very kindly, posted this on the site for me. Those are not my words.

Unfortunately, the world of advertising does deal in stereotypes. I guess this is so that they can communicate ideas to the public in a very short space of time. It's all a bit crappy, but it is the way that it is.

Most of this comes down to the clients, in this case Frank's Hot Sauce. It is their money that is bank-rolling the whole thing. So if they think that a creative's witty subversive idea isn't going to represent there product very well, they'll take their business elsewhere. This kind of pressure usually results in advertising companies coming up with extremely dull, cliched ideas.

Brockley Nick said...

It was actually an invention of Monkeyboy's in the comments section.

I try not to misquote my contributors! ;)

Besides, where would Brockley Central be without crude class-based stereotyping? It's a debating staple on this website, so it would be a bit rich of anyone to criticise the ad industry for following suit.

Andy Milman said...

I like the idea of going direct and circumventing the respectable agencies like Rayknight and CastingCollective, but you take the risk of ending up with novices who look inhibited and 'forced' when in front of a camera.

(I hope you will pay the going rate. A lot of production companies are pulling people off the streets now, obviously saving themselves a small fortune in production costs, because the star-struck and the wannabes are usually pretty unaware of the going rate for the job.)

Agree with the stereotypes thing though. And the fact that the client usually sits in on the 'shoot' praising themselves over their (cheesy) creativity.

Tamsin said...

Not offended by the stereotyping, just amused. And I do quite see that getting a message across in a 30 or 60 second ad you need all the shorthand aids you can get.

Not a clerical bent myself, but my father entered the church by way of the Indian Army, various business ventures and a stint as a professional fund-raiser so my mother ultimately found herself to be a "vicar's wife", but in the happy position of my father taking over from a batchelor. She could therefore pick and choose what interested her - leaving the flower arranging rotas alone and instead getting stuck into the Sunday School and Church Youth Club.

Monkeyboy said...

My memory of the clergy is dominated by our school priest. An Irish chap who breath was 80% proof - you could smell it through the confessional grill thingy. Father Ted existed for me in Muswell Hill - ah happy days!! (kind off)

Michael said...

You're right Andy, often production companies do use non-actors in an attempt to save money. This one is all above board though. We are also auditioning actors and profession walk-on artists and everyone will be paid the same rate. That is:

£100 if they are an extra
£150 if they are a walk-on
£900 if they are a featured walk-on
£5000 if they are featured

Sorry Nick I didn't check what you wrote before I attributed the 'twinset' thing to you.

If anyone can think of someone who might be interested please pass the info on. Cheers!

Monkeyboy said...

Let me know if you want a hirsute Italian.

david said...


Please reboot your system and update your internal calendar ;)

Headhunter said...

I was surprised no one picked up on that! MB - it's 2009 not 2008!

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