Sunday Times tips Brockley buy-to-let market

'Back in the 1980's I was the toast of Wall Street. But then, I was diagnosed with terminal boneitis. There was no cure at the time. One drug company was close but I arranged a hostile takeover and sold off all the assets. Made a cool hundred mil. Naturally I froze myself until a cure was found. Now here I am, ready to sleaze my way back to the top, 80's style!'
- That Guy, Futurama

Property boosterism is back, baby. And Brockley is riding that wave. Riding it to the max.

The Sunday Times has called the bottom of the market and says it's time to dive back in, with Brockley among the hotest prospects:

Choosing the right area can be almost as important as choosing the right property. Planned improvements in transport links and other infrastructure can be beneficial. In the capital, the extension of the East London line, the first part of which will start operating next year, should help areas that lie along its route.

And they've found this guy who's snapped up a Brockley property:

David Lawrenson, a buy-to-let expert who runs the website, even suggests placing a spoof advertisement in a local paper. “It’s important to stress-test before taking the plunge,” he says. He is certainly putting his money where his mouth is: two weeks ago, he exchanged on a two-bedroom buy-to-let house in Brockley, southeast London — his first property purchase in five years.