Brockley Bites

Greenwich Village Market gone

The Greenwich Phantom reports that the Greenwich market where you could actually find stuff you might want to buy has closed down.

Bright new dawn for capitalism in Brockley

Transpontine has a shot of the westside graffiti which, as he points out, may not have had quite the effect on the reader that the author imagined.

Bob From Brockley v Cafe Crema v Israel

New Cross blogger Bob from Brockley wrote an admirably measured response to Cafe Crema's regrettably-worded anti-Israeli sign, which read:

"We don't sell any Israeli goods. We are not anti-semitic; we are anti-fascist. Jews are as welcome here as anyone else."

The resulting debate carried all the way to the Jewish Chronicle and the Jerusalem Post. Read more here.

Guys reclad by 2012

An exhibition at the Building Centre shows how Guys Hospital could look by 2012. With two other towers torn down and replaced with infinitely superior buildings as part of the development of London Bridge Quarter, Guys was going to stick out like a sore thumb. What with it being an important hospital and everything, a reclad is the only realistic option.