Recession Bites

Yesterday, Experian announced that retail vacancy rates in the UK could reach 15% by the end of the year. Brockley seems to be keeping pace, with the recent closure of a number of businesses, which we can only hope heralds a spell of creative destruction.

Brockley Kitchen cooked

The Brockley Kitchen has closed and estate agent Pavilion is offering a reward for information which helps them identify the whereabouts of the former proprietors of this midtown establishment.

Aquarium sunk

Bailiff notices have been posted in the windows of this Harefield Road cafe, which had diversified in to Salsa classes and had recently applied for a late license. Last weekend, the place was closed, a sign on the door attributing the closure to "unfortunate circumstances".

Lean times at La Lanterna

There is no sign that the refurbishment work promised has begun but the fat plastic chef who used to adorn the roof has vanished. Readers have already noted that other restaurants in the London chain have also closed.

With thanks to Brockley Kate.


Anonymous said...

Yr welcome!

Comment said...

We have to help, by using the existing shops we do have.

The Shop on the Hill (The stuff there is very good)

Is Royality Teas still on its way?
Tea Leaf Arts- what's happening community engagement wise?
Dandelion Blue -is it coming back?

Anonymous said...

The "shops we have" dont start end end with a deli, a coffee shop and a seed shop!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry, "start and end"

Richard Elliot said...

Sad news.

It doesn't sound like the Brockley Kitchen or Aquariam were organised closures. Big disappointments for the owners I am sure.

The Cat Man said...

Its very tough, and I thought aquariam's food was gradually getting better. They needed new investment though - the decor was not the best and the tables impossible to eat your food from.

We have new shops entering brockley as well, so when one closes I like to believe another has opened. Brockley is in transition, commercial fluxuation should be expected. It is not neccessarily a bad sign.

Anonymous said...

The good macro news is that the demise of these establishments is nothing to do with SE4 per se and everything to do with poor management and lack of coherent customer offering.

The location of Aquarium is superb and most people would be able to do something with it. The girl who runs the Shop on the Hill could make something of it for starters; it's a potential goldmine.

Tamsin said...

Yes, I thought something was missing in my life when I drove by and didn't see the large chef on the top of La Laterna.
Anon @10.29 is right - use the hardware stores, general groceries, Sounds Around and the chemists as well as the more recherche outlets.

Comment said...

To anon 10.29 but of course they don't but it's the newish shops I was focussing on because they added a variety to Brockley that help broaden the options for residents. I don't want to have schlep to London Bridge or Blackheath to decent pesto or only experience different ingredients like quinoa elsewhere.

peasoup said...

More importantly, what about the Aquarium fish?!?

Hugh said...

They were delicious.

peasoup said...


Anonymous said...

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Maradoll said...

Out of curiousity does anyone know what the lease would be like for the Aquarium space? How much £ for what term?

Anonymous said...

"More importantly, what about the Aquarium fish?!?"

I called the RSPCA about this, so hopefuly they will pay a visit shortly.

Anonymous said...

I was in Brockley Kitchen less than a week before it closed and the owners seemed happy then, no mention of closing at all.
I love shopping in Brockley, we have lots here

Anonymous said...

nursery on Thyritt fab!!

On the point of recession,

I must say the nursery on Thyritt is wonderful, its nice to see a goood business getting going.I used to use a local mum(whom I paid more than the nursery) for my childcare, but then found my child was bored (being taken, shopping to Tescos and being dragged around while the carer did their daily chores)Its much nicer for a child to be in a nice big environment with lots of staff who make the childrens day exciting and the child comming home telling you of new friends and places they have been rather than just watching T.V in a house all day..

hope they set up a few more its a much needed for us working parents with little ones:)

Comment said...

Well nurseries are good for some children and not so good for others. Part of being a good nursery is being appropiately sited.

Anonymous said...

I work for the landlord of the Aquariam restaurant. We are aware of the fish and have been ensuring they are fed since taking back the lease. We have installed an automatic fish feeder but still check up on the fish/restaurant every few days. I'll post a note on the door so people are aware of this. The RSPCA did give us a call to check up on the fish.

Anonymous said...

Tesco hasn't been open that long?

But, yes, let's pave Brockley in nurseries because someone supposedly living here can't even spell 'Thyritt' properly. They spell it that way in Blackeaf or Greenwitch.

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