Recession Bites

Yesterday, Experian announced that retail vacancy rates in the UK could reach 15% by the end of the year. Brockley seems to be keeping pace, with the recent closure of a number of businesses, which we can only hope heralds a spell of creative destruction.

Brockley Kitchen cooked

The Brockley Kitchen has closed and estate agent Pavilion is offering a reward for information which helps them identify the whereabouts of the former proprietors of this midtown establishment.

Aquarium sunk

Bailiff notices have been posted in the windows of this Harefield Road cafe, which had diversified in to Salsa classes and had recently applied for a late license. Last weekend, the place was closed, a sign on the door attributing the closure to "unfortunate circumstances".

Lean times at La Lanterna

There is no sign that the refurbishment work promised has begun but the fat plastic chef who used to adorn the roof has vanished. Readers have already noted that other restaurants in the London chain have also closed.

With thanks to Brockley Kate.